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Hitler Jugend knife. Fake or?

Article about: I have a HJ knife from Puma. Had it for some years but fear that it is just a repro..hit me with your opinion please..

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    Here are 2 more photos..

    Hitler Jugend knife. Fake or?Hitler Jugend knife. Fake or?
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    Finger guard was something I notice as well. Puma's head now that I have time to look closer does look off but thought it could have been from the massive cleaning / polishing of blade. I was looking on my iphone but now that I am back in my office it does look concerning on the big screen.

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    In looking at the word Solingen and closer review of the maker mark I am not comfortable with the blade on this one...nor finger guard. I am feeling now after further review in bigger pics and able to see close ups a well made repro. Thanks for posting better pics. See what many others come up with as well. I could be mistaken. Some elements look okay and some not so much.

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    I wondered about that diamond. I think Mac hit the nail on the head with his points. Sorry for the not so good news that confirms your suspicions. Though, the good news is that there are lots of other HJ knives out there to make up for it.

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    I think it's post war, but even if it wasn't I could never stand the buffing on it. It's like a reblued gun, it's ruined, in my eyes anyway.

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    I love these knives when held in the hand. They are the perfect camping knife IMHO.

    So on the bright side. Cover up the swaz and use it!!!
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    Look ok to me

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    Quote by se1ph3r View Post
    Look ok to me

    Its Bad

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