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HJ Fahrtenmesser by WKC dual maker marked

Article about: This is as late as they come with full maker logo & Motto. Dual maker marked blades are not eay to find and i love this one! It has the later type scabbard with its typical bubbling that

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    Quote by stingray View Post
    Well,Larry, this time you're wrong, there are many anodized scabbards around,mostly on early and transitional knives,i would say till 1937.
    EPack is one of the maker who used them.
    Ivan is correct, there are quite a few makers that anodized their early HJ scabbards, ive had an early Eickhorn with an anodized scabbard
    Early HJ Fahrtenmesser with Motto by Eickhorn

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    Hi Scott,

    i think the anodized ones are to early for this 38/39 knives, I have seen them mostly on the very early ones, Ivan dates them max. as transitional 1937.
    The leather on this one got me confused, the early ones had as far as ive seen Always flat leather, never seen any print or pebbling on it, that is mostly seen on the later transtionals and late knives.
    Looking at the leather it might fit, but the scabbards shape is not what ive seen on any WKC knife, its looks like is has a very long and sharp tip.
    That can be the angle of the picture, but perhaps you lay the 2 scabbards next to eachother to compare?


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    Quote by stingray View Post
    Well,Larry, this time you're wrong, there are many anodized scabbards around,mostly on early and transitional knives,i would say till 1937.
    EPack is one of the maker who used them.
    I have always said..I would rather be " Incorrrect or proven wrong ". to bring the truth to light. HJ knives I dont collect..and are the reason why I truly dont know everything about them. The forum is fortunate to have Gents like you Ivan..Mac66..Gerrit etc etc.

    IMO seeing an Anodized HJ scabbard would be equaled in desirability as in early SA / SS scabbards. Thanks for posting other comparable examples Gents . Regards Larry
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    Thanks Ger, and gents! You're a fountain of knowledge.

    I think you're right about the longer tip. I don't have the other scabbard in hand, but have just been considering it. But, we have the photos I took of the knife and the one's D.D. sent, which when superimposed together we find the tip is quite a bit different on the one D.D. is offering:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    It would seem if this setup is already too early, this would probably make the scabbard less of a match as well. To his credit, I don't think D.D. has been trying to find a perfect match for the knife, but a nice condition one in the correct time-frame. Looks like this one may not be it though.

    Perhaps it would be best to give up the hunt for a correct scabbard for this knife and use the desire to have an all original scabbard as an excuse to buy a second knife. Because, we can all use good reasons for buying more of these when confessing to the wife that there is yet another WW2 blade in the house!
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    Many folks have their own "pet peeves" like blades that are inserted into scabbards backwards. One of mine is the misuse of the word "anodized" , having seen various period German references that specifically refer to brüniert (blued/browned) never ever eloxiert - anodized. With one of them being the early RZM specifications for the HJ knives. That said, 1937 seems to be a relatively good date for transitioning as many blued items for the Wehrmacht opted for a cheaper and faster method of metal finishing about the same time which varied by maker. Best Regards, Fred

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