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HJ knife

Article about: Opinions, please? The diamond wiggles. Thanks, Dean.

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    Default HJ knife

    Opinions, please? The diamond wiggles.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ knife   HJ knife  

    HJ knife   HJ knife  

    HJ knife   HJ knife  

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    WOW there is a rare maker you dont see everyday August Knecht. The HJ looks good to me Dean and a little wiggle is ok also. Some diamonds are tight and others over time loosened depending upon the application of that producer who performed that task. This HJ is an early version which shows no ricasso. This is a great rare example IMO. Regards Larry

    Also check out the diamond variations thread when you get time,, you will actually see the inside of the grip plates and the fastener that holds the diamond in place. heres the link...
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    Default Re: HJ knife

    looks a nice knife dean pick her up man! !

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    It looks like a great knife mate

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    Hi Dean,

    Looks ok by the crappy photos provided, i see some enamel damage to the diamond insignia,

    if going cheap might be a good buy for you, but are you sure this is what you really want ?

    Regards Mac 66.

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    i like it nice original knife it is the right price pick it up !

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    I know this one is good because it is identical to the one I have, same maker and all

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    Default Re: HJ knife

    Yes,it is original early knife.
    Here is my for compare
    HJ knifeHJ knife


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    Default Re: HJ knife

    The last ones very nice! perfect in fact! thanks guys. I know the pics suck, I was very excited ! I'm getting it. Larry c . I have heard the diamond doesn't have to wiggle, but it's a good sign I've heard,thanks. I have two HJs ,both with chipped handles and no motto. So this will be a treat for me. Besides, it costs what both mine do combined!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ knife   HJ knife  


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