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HJ knives

Article about: Andrew nice blades m8 , i also have a clipped blade HJ i have argued the fact that these were done in the factory like this but quite an uncommon find i think, do you have any info yourself

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    Default HJ knives

    Hello Gents.
    i just thought i would share what's left of my HJ stuff. i have sold off a number of better condition HJ knives, but these were the only two i had with motto. and one is almost impossable to see any more.i also kept these two because of the differences in them, to show people that with pre RZM items all bets are off. RZM standerdized many things. i have heard often that if the diamond pattern on the grip dont follow the diamond's angle is a repro. that's just not true in all cases. pre RZM items were made with out RZM rules. look close at both grips and diamonds. the grips have never been replaced. just keep in mind pre RZM items can vary from what many collectors considder considder standard. note the clip point on one blade, it is factory. and the small drop piece on the blade ricasso area on one, but not on the other. and the difference in scabbard tips. over the years i have come to learn that i did not know as much as i once thought i did. books are good, but depending on the writers actuall knowledge.
    all i want to say is we learn all the time. don't be to quick to say something is bad or good based on one small thing, (like the checkering on the grip). untill you look the whole item over well.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ knives   HJ knives  

    HJ knives   HJ knives  

    HJ knives   HJ knives  

    HJ knives   HJ knives  

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    i forgot i had these pictures on file. this is for any one that ever wonderd why some HJ knives are in hard used condition. i dont recall where i got these pics. hopefully it's not a problem that i dont own them.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture HJ knives   HJ knives  

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    Hi Andrew, thanks for showing these two knives. I can see why you kept them. I too like the pre RZM examples.

    And many thanks too the photo of the lads throwing their knives into the tree. Great images!

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    Nice photo,
    Maybe Ill try learning how to throw my Fairbairn Skyes knife.

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    Nice collection and |I love the photo Andrew!

    I definately wont be doing that with mine

    "In all my years as a soldier, I have never seen men fight so hard." - SS Obergruppenfuhrer Wilhelm Bittrich - Arnhem

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    Surprising they could last tossing them into a tree. Those hilts are rather soft and and can snap easily.
    Nice pair of knives you have there!

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    Default Re: HJ knives


    Nice posting. Beautiful examples and interesting pictures. Thank you


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    Default Re: HJ knives

    thanks guys. i got a kick out of the pictures to. good thing they didnt all do that.

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    very nice pieces you still have,i also remember seeing those pictures before but there is one missing as there is also another picture showing one of the daggers in the tree had half the grip broken and was sure sign that not all hj's you see with a broken grip's was due to post war neglect

    infact theres another broken grip on the top knife although its not the angle/one i am thinking of

    regards ewan

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    Default Re: HJ knives

    2 nice been there hjs you got there, love em

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