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HJ scabbard, question

Article about: A first for me as well. HJ knives sold for RM1.50 back in the day.........

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    Default HJ scabbard, question

    have you seen a plastic hanger on HJ scabbard (not leather) ??
    another question, please
    I heard that HJ knife production stopped in 1942, real ??
    thanks for answers

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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    I'm not 100% sure, but the plastic did not exist in WW2.
    (synthetic materials are created, but not plastic)
    Most parede blade stops producing during1942, to save material.


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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    Hello Vedran
    I don't know if the word "plastic" is correct, but it looks like
    a picture
    HJ scabbard, question

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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    Didier, it looks like a thick plastic tape, (though I can not know exactly, if I do not have it in my hands)
    It's certainly not from the WW2 period.


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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    another french forum member shows the same scabbard with M7/72 knife ???
    I don't know what to think....

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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    The first time I see such a thing.


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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    Flexible plastic was produced by the TR, aldols (a derivative of polyvinyl) but i don't know if it was used as a leather replacement.
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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    Hi Didier,

    The hj knife scabbard with plastic hanger is 100% TR produced & genuine !!

    RZM M7/72 stamped hj knife is the type mostly found with the plastic hangers on there scabbards, which are seldom seen!!

    Hj knife production was stopped in 1942 along with dress daggers ect.

    Regards Mac 66.

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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    During WW I - being cutoff from external sources of essential materials was not lost on Germany or the companies which were engaged in various manufacturing activities. With Germany having a large well developed plastics/synthetic resin chemical industry. And periodic shortages of leather, along with long term/permanent shortages of other natural materials a factor in the development of substitutes. Some of which worked better than others, and the Dr. Alexander Wacker company a larger firm that specialized in the production of the vinyl type resins.

    And 1942 is when we see the last of the dated RZM daggers/knives. Not by my calculation “late war” (with now even “last ditch” creeping into sales descriptions from those who IMO should really know better). With the 1941 invasion of Russia setting the stage for the suspension of the production of non-military (ie: civilian) dress blades. And the head of the SS, Heinrich Himmler publishing a directive that the steel quota system had forced him to stop the awarding of the Honor swords. And if the head of the SS could not have a relatively limited number of swords made at his direction - what does that say about the ordinary "run of the mill" production for those at the other end of the scale??? Best regards to all, Fred

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    Default Re: HJ scabbard, question

    Hello Gentlemen
    thanks for explanations
    I would never bought that....

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