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My HJ Knife

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    Default My HJ Knife

    Hi. Thought id show you a few pics of my HJ. I was given it a few years ago by my old boss at work before he retired as he knew i would be interested. It belonged to his father in law who was an British Infantryman who fought across France and Germany towards the end of WW2. Sadly he died a few years ago and when they were cleared out his house they came across the knife at the back of a drawer.
    Its an early knife, low ricasso, no motto or rzm mark, maker: Emil Voos Solingen. The diamond is as it should be with correct finish and nice "wobble".
    Sorry the pics arent great..i dont know how to turn the flash off!
    Hope you like

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture -dscn1644.jpg   -dscn1646.jpg  

    -dscn1642.jpg   -dscn1641.jpg  

    -dscn1648.jpg   -dscn1647.jpg  

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    nice origional item great find,
    cheers Ronnie

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    Thanks Ronnie.

    Im really pleased with it..good that it comes with provenance. I did give my boss a bit of money for it as i couldnt just accept it as a gift.

    Im always on the look out for HJ's. I looked at one this week in a militaria antique shop here in Plymouth. All looked ok but a couple of things put me off. The leather hanger was missing, no wobble to the diamond and the diamond also followed the checker on the grip rather than cutting through it. It didnt have any honest wear around the pommel either. No motto or makers mark only had RZM 41/51 on the ricasso reverse. What does the 51 mean? Anyway at £235 i wasnt in any rush to part with my money! What do you think?

    Cheers Andy.

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    Nice HJ knife MrNosey,
    i would only like to add one thing. dont be put off an HJ knife if the only thing you find wrong is the diamond not cutting through the checkering. you should obviously look the knife over compleatly, but the checkering is not a hard fast rule. i only say this to help. id hate to see you or any one, pass up a nice early one based only on the checkering. here are the two i have left that i had posted a while back. the one on the left has a wood grip original to the knife. the right has the typical plastic type grip, but notice the checkering and diamond
    best of luck in your collecting. andrew
    P.S. looks like yours is a wood grip too.

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    I like it too. Nice early knife.

    Cheers, Ade.

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    Hi Andy (Mr Nosey) the 51 is the maker mark if you look at the top of the dagger section there is a sticky listing the RZM maker codes yours is Anton Wingen Jr Solingen hope this helps and welcome to the forum,
    all the best in you future dagger collecting,

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