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My HJ knife

Article about: Hi All, Can you help me with this item's value? It's a wood & leather one with RAD 1938 stamped on it just under the leather collar. My friends Grand-dad brought it back from Bergen Bels

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    Default My HJ knife

    My HJ knifeMy HJ knifeMy HJ knifeThanks for the help guys, much appreciated. There are a few other items that belonged to his brother which have a well known history behind them; PC 629'A' Robertson - A Death at Garden Gate
    My friend is looking to get a valuation on them, as he may be selling some of the items. From his scouting days with the HJ, I've seen tonight all his old badges (Sa tinnies?) Letter from the palace & the HJ knife. Also a rather awesome aircraft spotters book!

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    Rackster that is a nice looking early HJ Fahrtenmesser.
    These early ones have the Motto "Blut und Ehre" on the blade.
    Please post this one in the Hitler Youth forum.
    Make pics of both sides of the blade so we can also see the back with its makers logo.
    So far its looking very well, small diamond, motto, right materials....even looks like an anodised scabbard..
    Looking forward to the pics!



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    Google "Death at the Garden Gate" It's about the story of the policeman who was killed in a bombing raid on Buckingham Palace; the knife on page 3 is the one in question. It's real alright, as I've seen all the other items tonight. The photos are owned by Wayne Burn; my friend who owns the items Ok I'll switch to the other forum!



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    I rather thought we were looking at thread about a clothing whip ???? What's all this ???
    I agree a clothing whip... They pop up from time to time and the construction methods vary.
    I recently saw one advertised for $40.00 U.S.D. G
    I'd rather be A "RaD Man than a Mad Man "

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    I moved the whip to the Arts and Exotica forum,,that thing or what element it may attract, does not belong on this forum.
    Sorry Gents. Regards Larry

    Clothing Whip
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    I have amended the thread title now.

    Cheers, Ade.
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