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Buckle Identification.

Article about: Hi Ben , friend identifiti plese whis buckle .I dont see whis buckle before? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default Buckle Identification.

    Hi Ben , friend identifiti plese whis buckle .I dont see whis buckle before?
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Buckle Identification.   Buckle Identification.  

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    The buckle is a Wurttemberg buckle, but its a roundel on a home made piece of brass I think

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    maybe is a militiaman , free man in war , sorry not now english word

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    very interesting buckle indeed, never seen such a model

    The markings at the back are also very interesting, as they could be interpreted like this :

    "XIII.C.17.CB" could be "13 th Army Corps, buckle 17, Cavalry Brigade", maybe fot the Stabsordonnanzen of this army corps, a very small unit which was in charge of dispatching messages from the headquarters of the wurttemberg army corps

    These stabsordonnanzen units ( one for each army corp) wore a special uniform closely ressembling the Jager zu Pferde one

    This is only speculation, but i am sure the buckle is period

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    Hello again,

    after a lot of brainstorming, i have found that the box is a french model 1845 infantry buckle and the small "1242" is the original french marking

    this type of buckle was in use from 1845 until WW1 and it was the oldest piece of equipment in 1914

    The bigger marking is surely german, and the buckle may have been part of the numerous equipments reused by the germans after the 1870 war

    i have no idea of the exact unit it was intended, but it must be a small one related to the headquarters of the wurttemberg army corps


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