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"Furtchlos Und Trew" Buckle

Article about: Hi, all. I saw this buckle that I hadn't seen before and haven't had a chance to research it. I think it's supposed to be circa 1914. Does anyone have any thoughts on this as far as authenti

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    In WW1 Wuerttemberg troops made up about 11% of the German Army. They were closely alined withthe Prussian army, however, I have read they maintained the use of their own buckle till the end of the war. (In case you are unfamiliar with the German army, it was not a totally national army, many kingdoms, duchies, and so on maintained their own, but had to follow certain standards. The pre war and early war German army was filled with al kinds of very interesting different badges, Wappen and so on to show the history, honours and linage of the units!)

    About 80-120 $ and steel does cost more. There are some fake steel ones (I have two) and the modern copies that I have seen all have the cut out for the buckle hoop, and not the "C" loop
    This is a nice buckle. I have to look up in my books but I fear it is too hot today to do it, but, I am thinking it is a 1895 model, and not the 1847 (47 is larger, and has steps in the back for the buckle catch). I don't know there was an 1870 version. Maybe I have overlooked that date and chapter!

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    Quote by leej11 View Post
    I would pick ones that are close together so you can hit up 2 or 3 in a morning. Sometimes Im at one for only 15 minutes because theres nothing good and I go to the next one. Try to map it out like a trip. The best are ones that might say its all out of the basements and attics. Sometimes they advertise this on the internet like the sights you mentioned. .....
    Regards, Lee
    Same thing here.
    I am goign to check the sites!!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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