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Imperial German Buckles.

Article about: Next, 3 buckles with identical bodies but with different makers/sellers on the tabs. This design is by far my favourite. Really classy feel IMO. Each buckle is finished differently, one galv

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    I don't have any of these myself, but here is one that my dad has had for a long time. A model 1916 I believe? It's a more green color than field grey or earth, I think.

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Quote by aechols83 View Post
    A model 1916 I believe? It's a more green color than field grey or earth, I think.
    Adam, indeed it is...if any member wants more information on the model 1916 buckle see this thread ..
    Prost ! Steve.
    "The German Army is the perfectly adapted, perfectly running Machine. The difference is that the Germans are organised with a view to War...with the cold, hard, practical and business-like purpose of winning victories."
    G.W. Steevens - The Daily Mail (1897)

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Thanks, Steve. As he starts to thin out his collections a bit, I'm hoping my dad will let me take care of that one for him
    In the meantime I saw these two that I was considering... The first looks okay to me except that the claw and roll bar look exceptionally clean relative to the rest of the buckle. The first one is also interesting as the only other one like it I could find in this thread is the "cannibalized" imperial box on the SA that David showed. Is this a more uncommon variety? This buckle was only going for about $25, which if authentic I thought a great deal.
    The second buckle is going for about the same price, I think and appears to have a reverse and catch like only a couple I have seen in this thread. Is this one a more uncommon type as well? Forgive me and perhaps I'll sift back through the thread, but if both are original buckles, what are the year/models?

    Thanks and best regards,
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Name:	WWI Buckle 3.jpg 
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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Also - I can't tell, but do you guys think the first buckle originally had a silver washed roundel?


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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Hi Adam... nice buckles! I just looked in my big book of buckles for the catch design of this 2nd buckle which I have never seen before, but I couldn't find it anywhere... it looks very interesting and I'm looking forward to what the experts have to say about it... thanks for sharing it... cheers.. Hansi

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Hi, Hansi. Indeed, a very interesting catch design that I had not encountered before this either. The same reverse and catch design is shown by Koppel71 on page 10 of this thread, posts #92 & #95 at top left. Yes, hopefully the experts will be able to educate us. I took a leap and just now won this 2nd buckle on Ebay for $20.83 (shipping included)! Anyways, a great buy if original and not much lost if it's not. We shall see


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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Oh... Scheibenhonig! That's one that I missed... but congrats on finding and winning it Adam... a great buy. I thought my M16 was cheap at $30 but you have now just set the record between us... I don't think I will ever find one cheaper than that though! Cheers... Hansi

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Adam, the second buckle you have bought is a bargain ! rare private purchase buckle, where the buckle itself was "pinned" to the belt leather by the 2 small pins (on the small plate) and then kept flat/trapped against the buckle rear by larger central pin/flap, so that the buckle was permantly attached to the leather and was not adjustable, the other end of the belt passed thro the roller and was adjusted by the wearer by pulling snug, the roller is mounted on an elongated slit/hole on the top and bottom of the buckle "ears" and when the leather is adjusted and let go, the roller locks up on the tightest spot and locks into position ! I hope I have explained that correct ! it is a varient of the model 1895 buckle, the first one you show IMO is a reproduction.
    Prost ! Steve. p.s. there are no experts, we are all still learning ! some of us just know a bit more than others and a bit less than the rest !

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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Thanks for all the info, Steve! Most helpful and much appreciated


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    Default Re: Imperial German Buckles.

    Hi Adam, I agree with Oradour about both buckles. The top one may be a post WW1 example made for vets; but I don't like the pins & a silver washed roundal is very odd. I'm pretty sure it's a repro; but as Oradour stated "there are no experts, we are all still learning" & he couldn't be more right. The study of Imperial buckles is way behind TR. The second one is a great private purchase example & not common at all. See my Bavarian private purchase buckle to compare, it's #39 in this thread, Cheers, Richard.

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