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Imperial German Buckles.

Article about: Next, 3 buckles with identical bodies but with different makers/sellers on the tabs. This design is by far my favourite. Really classy feel IMO. Each buckle is finished differently, one galv

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    It does strike me as a little odd though that the model 1895 appears to have a different coloration to the reverse as compared to the brassy front... Perhaps the image/lighting or my eyes?


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    Richard, you submitted your reply just before I could add my follow-up about the reverse of the m1895. Thanks and glad you're confirming what I thought. I think the difference in coloration appearance is just the photo...


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    to the M95 without solder-points. i didnīt own any version to put Pics here... but i see prussian M47 ond M95 without solder-points. It seems to by a rare Version. In my opinion your example is an original one. Bit one Question always exist... is this version a private or a service piece? I have no answer until know. Maybe, one day, we will find such a example with a leather tap.

    the other prussian buckle you show has a well known back... two versions exist.... smooth and this.

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    Nice one Adam

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    here is a very rare M47 Hessen Buckle in worn condition.

    The leather tap is added later, after the tap was standard on the M1895 buckle, for use in Landwehr and Landsturm units.

    Originally there were no leather taps on the M47 buckles until past 1895.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial German Buckles.   Imperial German Buckles.  

    Imperial German Buckles.  

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    Quote by aechols83 View Post
    Hi, Richard. By top buckle I assume you are meaning the one without solder points? Yes, I would be very interested in what Sleepwalker has to say as well since I have never seen these in any of the references and have always regarded them as suspect. Do you agree the M1895 is original?


    your M95 is an original one. it has been cleaned... let it a time lay beside... so nice patina will come. The roundel is made of alpaca.

    I show one of the same Type in my earlier Replies... take a look.



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    Great buckle

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    Hi All,

    I recently purchased what appears to be a model 1895 Prussian that is 1-piece stamped brass, with a "C" catch, brazed prongs and is (interestingly) earless. I apologize I don't have images to share at the moment. I have only seen these 1-piece brass examples here in this thread on P.1/post #7 where Rob shows a Saxon example and on P. 10/post #95 where Koppel71 shows a Prussian example very similar to mine except for a different catch and the fact that mine is earless.

    Are these 1-piece stamped brass examples less common? It would seem so as all of the brass Imperial buckles I have seen up to this point have been of the 2-piece variety, just as most 1-piece examples are of steel. If these 1-piece brass buckles are indeed less common then I am curious if someone has an answer as to why.

    Best to you all,

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    Hey Guys. Here are photos of the buckle mentioned and described in my last post...just arrived today. It is very slightly larger than my standard M1895 Prussian buckle. I'd be most interested in hearing any thoughts on this one!

    Best, Adam
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial German Buckles.   Imperial German Buckles.  

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    this buckles are not original imperial army buckles for service.

    In my experience this are private buckles after 1918 by a "Traditionsverein" (this buckles were often reproduced after 1918 for veteran associations)

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