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Imperial German Buckles.

Article about: Next, 3 buckles with identical bodies but with different makers/sellers on the tabs. This design is by far my favourite. Really classy feel IMO. Each buckle is finished differently, one galv

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    Nice one. I'm not sure how many buckles I have, but I don't think I have two made by the same maker. There must have been a lot of companies turning out buckles.

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    Default New items

    Hi all , here are a couple of items i have picked up, first one the Wurrtenberg Buckle i picked up in Leper (Ypres) i believe its a parade buckle and the second i picked up in the USA, A Saxon regiment it has some of the field grey on it and the belt is marked up with 93 (which i am guessing is the size, very small !) and F Grosse Dresden -N 1916 and also the owners faint signature.

    I am a bit of a novice at this , and i hope they are genuine, the Saxon belt certainly looks and feels right

    Any information would be great

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    Hello mate and welcome, all items are indeed genuine so you have no worries many thanks for showing us

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    Hi Ben, Thats great to know, i am really chuffed with the belt, i dont know how much they go for but this only cost me 100, which i was very happy with. If only they could talk eh!!

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    Cracking price for that lot, very good price indeed

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    I just got this one in today, its a two piece painted Steel

    I know that three holes don't necessarily mean bad but I've never seen an original or repro exactly like this. both the box and rondel are magnetic Catch and prongs are brass.
    Whats everyones thoughts?

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    Default Imperial Buckles & Belts

    Hello Gents, I have been reading the 60+ pages of info on Imperial belt buckles and thought I would add my own examples for review. The photos may not be the greatest, but I hope you will be able to see some of the details. The souvenir belt has a Bavarian steel buckle. The second belt from the top was an estate sale purchase and still has mud from the trenches on the back of the buckle & in the adjustment holes.

    Any comments are welcome, I am curious about your opinions on the two piece steel buckle with the "Christian Cross" on the crown.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Hello All,

    I picked this up recently and thought i would add it to this Great Thread. Steel with light remains of gold wash.

    Take care,

    MartClick image for larger version. 

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    Martin. I have similar buckle you can see it and discussion on pages 35,55. see a page forum.

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    Nice buckle, I like it!


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