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Is this an Imperial German flying helmet?

Article about: Good afternoon, all I have had the helmet illustrated below for as long as I can remember. Thus I can't remember when or where I acquired it. I believed - although I cannot now remember why

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    Thank you, kradman - but oh dear. Just as I thought the net was closing, it seems to be opening wide again! Does the T3, below the crown, provide any help in narrowing the field?

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    Swedish motorcycle helmet
    T3=norrlands trängkår
    take a look here (id nr MILI.005795)


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    Thank you, Tomas. The helmet on the Swedish digital museums website looks the closest by far to the helmet which I have. Do you know if that helmet is military or civilian? But whatever, how a Swedish motorcycling helmet found its way to the UK is quite a mystery!

    I'm afraid that I have no command of Scandinavian languages, so it would be most helpful, Tomas, if you could translate into English:

    - norrlands trängkår (from your last post)
    - Skinnhuva för MC-ordonnanser. 1940-tal. (from the summary of the item on the Swedish digital museums website)

    With my thanks in anticipation.

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    Skinnhuva för MC-ordonnanser. 1940-tal = Leather Hood MC-orderlies. 1940
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    Many thanks, Adrian, I hope that Tomas returns to answer my questions because google translation offers no result for 'norrlands trängkår'!

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    It's a wasted trip baby. Nobody said nothing about locking horns with no Tigers.

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    Thank you - but oh, how I wish I could read Swedish!

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    Thank you to all here who have helped to provide an identification of my helmet.

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