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Opinions of this Leib-Husaren Regt Nr 2 Enlisted Krätzchen?

Article about: good spot ben, things are indeed not always what they seem. Out of interest Who was selling it ? cheers Tony

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    Default Opinions of this Leib-Husaren Regt Nr 2 Enlisted Krätzchen?

    Guys, what's your opinion of this Kraetzchen?

    It was once on the Grenadier site which is where the images are from but is now for sale in the UK.

    Apparently, the blue cypher on the lining is partly an anchor symbol which is a puzzle and a concern to me.
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    Just got this close up of the ink stamp..
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    Have you checked Kaisers Bunker for compare?

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    hi ben

    In my opinion it's a risky purchase unless you can send it back.

    There are several things I don't like from the pictures.

    First the piping looks wonky and uneven, the shape isn't correct (may be the pics) as it looks more like a cap without a peak than a field cap. This of course could be because it is a private purchase one.

    If it is private purchase example then the leather sweat band is correct but why would you opt for a calico liner when a silk or cotton one would be in keeping with the cap (as you are paying). The larger cap band point to a p/purchase but the cockades are incorrect and surely a piece like that would have the correct sow on cockades. Of course they may have come off over time and replaced by these others but then maybe the cap has been tampered with ?

    The marking on the interior is a mystery but as a private piece it is unlikely to have had any unit stamps issued upon it......

    That all said I have personally found with these type of field caps that the only way to be sure is with a hands on inspection.

    Proceed with care !

    Hope that helps a little............or I may be fretting unnecessarily but these Imperial caps for the high end regiments are the equivalent of the SS branch piping of the TR caps ! Everyone wants them and there are not enough to go round so what fills the gap ?



    ps no idea who is selling it so hope I have not offended.

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    Hi Tony, this cap was a puzzle to me so I did quite a bit of research.

    I'm now fairly certain that it's in fact an Imperial Russian Navy cap. That would explain the odd dimensions, lining and ink mark. It just doesn't strike me as German made.

    If that wasn't reason enough for me to pass on the cap, a subsequent email from the dealer was.

    They chastised me like a naughty school boy for 1. not thanking them for the photos I requested (actually I had said thanks) and 2. not letting them know whether I was going to buy it or not.

    I don't know what charm school these dealers have been to but if it were me, I'd be asking for a refund!
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Click image for larger version. 

Name:	russian naval cap.jpg 
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    Great work!
    Always looking for Belgian Congo stuff!

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    Indeed, nice work Ben!
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    Excellent work Ben and it makes you wonder why the previous sellers never noticed the issues with it.


    Whatever its just an opinion.

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    Perhaps they did which is why it has been passed on?

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    Interesting! - nice piece of research.

    Tend to agree with Glenn.


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