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Prussian Cap

Article about: Hello everyone, I am considering purchasing this Prussian visor, the seller is unsure whether it is Calvary or infantry. I'm just checking to make sure whether it is good or not. The interio

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    Default Prussian Cap

    Hello everyone,
    I am considering purchasing this Prussian visor, the seller is unsure whether it is Calvary or infantry. I'm just checking to make sure whether it is good or not. The interior liner is gone, however that does not bother me very much because it still displays good and the price seems to be pretty low because of this. If more photos are needed I will try and get them. Any input would be appreciated.

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    Definitely a low price for this dealer, whose prices are usually among the very highest. It's a Prussian infantry reserve officer's cap, and if you are OK with the interior, and no significant mothing is present, it's probably a good buy.


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    Hi Bob,
    Thank you for the reply, do you know what this cap would go for normally with no problems? I am just curious to see how much the price is affected by the interior. Also, do you know of any dealers with lower prices? I thought some of the prices on there were not too bad, but i don't really know typical pricing of imperial caps.


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    This type of cap is THE most common officer or enlisted version available. I would say a good condition officer's visor can be had for $ 350-400; I certainly would not pay more.
    The dealer selling this cap has VERY high prices. I would try Saxonia Militaria in the UK, Great War Militaria in the USA, and ,also, many of the TR era dealers have some Imperial caps from time to time. Also, Helmut Weitze in Hamburg, who is not cheap, but has a great selection of Imperial headgear. Try Ebay Deutschland as well, and Ebay USA.
    Thankfully , Imperial caps are faked far less often than TR era caps, but there are fakes out there.
    For great, free online info, make sure to visit the website"The Kaiser's Bunker"; valuable information at a glance.
    One last thought re: prices; again, these blue & red infantry caps are quite common, and ,typically, the least expensive. Imperial peaked caps can go over $ 1,000 in price, for rare units, and cavalry regiments are usually the most expensive. Also, field grey , wartime versions seem to command a higher price over the full color pre-war caps. ( not by me, though!)

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    Thank you for the site references, i will check them out. I have been to the kaisers bunker and i have learned a great amount from there. Ill see if i can find another cap, and if not i am perfectly fine with this one.


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    Here are a few photos of my Prussian infantry officer's cap. It's a bit "salty", with smoth moth tracking, and some stains, primarily on the crown, but I was taken with the overall "look" of the cap.
    I picked it up at the SOS in Louisville, in 2013, and I believe that I paid about $225 for it.

    BobSClick image for larger version. 

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    It looks good, and with that price, i would consider that a good buy!

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    Bob's advice is sound and very pertinent. I would encourage you to look around as they can be picked up in much better condition for very reasonable prices. German e bay is your best bet for a good deal if you are patient.

    If you want to bid and are not sure then either post here of if you like pm me and I'll gladly take a look......



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    Hi Tony,

    I have been looking around a few of the sites Bob suggested, and I do have my eye on a few different caps. I will definitely get anything i consider buying checked out here. Thank you.


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    I forgot to mention ( I'm an OLD guy) that Imperial cloth headgear collectors also have to be wary about the caps that were made for veterans in the 20's & 30's, that are virtually identical to Imperial-era caps, but sometimes made by solely postwar cap makers.
    I guess these are collectable in their own way, but I consider them reproductions, even though were not meant to decieve.
    BTW, there is a nice Saxon Jager officer's cap on Ebay USA now, starting price of $ 300, and a buy it now of $ 450.

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