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Ww1 prussian visor cap ???

Article about: Hello picked this hat up this morning, I believe it to be Prussian I wanted to find a couple thinks out about it what branch is it and when does it date to and also what rank would this viso

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    My two cents worth........

    I think it is post WW1 for sure, maybe made mid 1920's - 1930 because the celluloid is in the cap interior and these did not appear in pre ww1 military caps as a rule. Also the colour combination of blue crown, black band and blue piping meets no army or cavalry unit that I know of. I checked my sources as best I could but can't find a match. That in my opinion discounts the option it may be a 1930's copy for Imperial soldiers.

    I believe the medics had red piping until 1920 when it changed to blue in the Reichswehr so I don't think its a military cap.........

    So what is it ? Black velvet pre 1920 was the reserve of officers as a rule and as this has a band plus the state cockade for Bavaria it may be a civil cap for officials or even a Police cap ? The blue uniformed constabularies survived WW1 and in early Weimar they either carried on as they were or found themselves in the Schupo. Some police units kept going till 1932 wearing the old Imperial uniform style so it could be for them.

    I have checked my copy of the Angolia book on Police organisation but sadly no direct matches for this colour scheme but my supposition is that it is Weimar era cap.

    That said I could be totally wrong!!!!!!!!!

    Hope that helps or even better if someone knows what the cap is and can attribute it that would be awesome.



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    Thanks for the info Tony it is an odd cap, would like to hear others opinions on it. On purchasing it I thought that it was from the early 1900s

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