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1870 ek

Article about: The cross posted by Terry is an easy one to spot. The crown is way to small. That's why this style has been known for years as the "small crown fake" Another easy tell is the reall

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    Hello everybody Ive talked to the dealer, He thinks that it is a Prinzen EK,so they come in at a smaller size so that could explain the slightly odd shape of the cross!. I dont know much on the subject so I cant comment!! but if of you gents know any better I would be to hear it cheers Terry.

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    Being a Prinzen cross does explain the shape. It's still a fake no matter
    the size.
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    Cheers Greg, I let the dealer know...I cant afford it anyway I ve just bought a gold wound badge so Im skint for another month lol.. thanks for all your time & more importantly knowledge.. Cheers Terry.

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