I paid $150 for a porcelain type (with Lithopane) about two years ago. I thought that was a good, below average price. I was told by a German collector friend that the prices of these are down and that for an average infantry or artillery the price should be under $200. Some are still trying to get $300-$400 for this type, but those are usually dealers or dealer's websites. You are better off buying from an individual or an antique shop. Of course, rarer examples bring much more, but the two shown here are just normal infantry.

The glazed pottery examples are normally lower in price, as they are more generic (that is non-named and non-regimental) and not as pleasing to the eye. In this case, however, the example you have shown is larger than normal, has a lid and has a design you don't often see. So, I would guess it should be in the same price range as the other two steins.