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++Absolutely Incredible find!++

Article about: German WW1 scrapbook hundreds and hundreds of period pictures. I have only posted a very small sampling, book pages are 20 inches wide. Dated 1916 on a few German captions.... Who could have

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    A great scrap book.
    I think at least some of these pictures ar post cards or pictures that could be
    purchased at the time. I recognize some of the pictures as ones that I have seen
    published in books and also on line.
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    A fantastic find, what a "time capsule", one of the finest personal ww1 albums that I have ever seen. Leon.
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    As someone who's beginning to collect photos and paper items, this is a great example of what I'm into! The trench photos are excellent!

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    This is absolutely fantastic! Never seen a private album like this before, cheers for sharing it!

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