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Adler's Imperial collection

Article about: by Adler Auch... nobody seems to like Landwehr Kavallerie... Adler Awesome display, Adler! The mannequins look great. Superb job on that. Really nice! Luke

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    Alright! Being jealous in a good way is a good thing I suppose...

    Giving advice about looking after leather is in a way very easy and at the same time very difficult.

    The easy way is to purchase only material in very good condition and untreated with any wax, oil or whatever. Since this leather has already survived 100 years and is still in good condition, why would you start putting a product on it "to preserve it"?

    The hard way is to buy items in bad condition. Since the leather is in poor condition, one has to treat it with a product. This will vary, depending on the condition of the leather... The leather can be dried out, have red rot, be hard as stone or suffer from bad storage... They all can or must be treated in a different way...

    I have no experiance with these products, but I'm sure there are already a lot of threads about that. I guess I must be lazy and choose for the first easy way... Buy only good condition if possible.

    I hope this helps you out,


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    The leather with years become hard, like a stone. I treated the leather with glycerine, twice a year.
    Also i have found dug up an Austrohungarian belt with buckle. With a lot of patience and a write way of treatment , today is presentable.


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    Absolutely awesome collection,lots of bayos,i love bayos....

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    Thanks for replies gentlemen!


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    Very Nice collection Adler
    1 an old drag racer "The older I get the faster I was "

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    Thank you sir!


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    Wow...I would like to thank you for sharing you astonishing collection with us Adler!
    Your collection really inspired this young collector to get a pickelhaube of his own!
    I would like to ask you one question if possible? How does it feel to wake up in a museum every day!?
    Best regards,

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    Feels like wanting to go and find another pickelhaube ...


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