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Authentic Picklehaube?

Article about: is an original M15 (Model 1915) Pickelhaube, it has a bayonet type fitting removable spike........the steel fittings would originally of been finished in a chemically

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    Default Authentic Picklehaube?


    I found this helmet at my grandmother's house after she passed away. It would be much appreciated if you could give me some insight as to whether this is fake or authentic. Thanks in advance!
    Authentic Picklehaube?Authentic Picklehaube?Authentic Picklehaube?Authentic Picklehaube?Authentic Picklehaube?Authentic Picklehaube?

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    original but I think someone got at it with a paint brush

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    Or a heinous amount of boot black...other than that, it looks authentic enough.

    "Much that once was, is lost. For none now live who remember it."

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    Original, but missing some parts. The chinstrap, spine, and cockrades are missing. Small size too. As harryamb2 said it looks like somebody gave it a brush of paint, as the visor trim shouldn't be that color. Seems to have a private purchase Prussian front plate too.

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    Sometimes, they are painted for theatre use.

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    I agree with Feuerbach...Original, missing some hardware...still a nice display item and easily restored...
    cheers, Glenn

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    Thank you all for your help! I think my grandmother must have painted it. I would like to sell it on Ebay. Any idea how much it's worth or where I can get an online appraisal? Thanks

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    Just type the description into the ebay search engine, then check completed listings, it will show you what these have been selling for in the past, just remember that yours is missing some parts and has been messed with a bit, a few hundred bucks sounds fair.

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    Regarding the small size of it.Generally speaking it is because the leather has shrunk over the decades.Ive not seen lots of them but still have yet to see what I would describe as exra large size.Combined with peoples poor wartime diet of course.

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    Although its true the leather of Pickelhaubes does shrink over the years, this seems to me to be a small sized Haube to start with. The size should be marked on the inside, my guess is it is a size 60, maybe a 62. Are there any other (regimental) markings or stampings on the inside, maybe even a name? All these factors will effect on the value.
    Like bigmacglenn said it is easy restored, the missing parts, but most collectors dont like Haube's that have been done up, or have the wrong parts put on. It will be a mission to find all the correct parts, original and in the right size. I would sell it like this, how it was found. From your pictures its hard to tell if it is a M1895 or a later variant.

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