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Bavarian sword or repro?

Article about: I just picked this sword up at a farm auction last night for \\$50 USD. I bought it with in mind that it was a reproduction or prop. But after looking it over some more this morning I am wonde

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    Very nice pickup. Especially for the price.
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    Agreed. The etching and maker stamp look very well done
    - too good for a repop, IMO. Nice buy.........!


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    As to the sword knot its a Wehrmacht NCO Faustriemen and not for this early officials/court sword.
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    here is the photos of the handguard
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bavarian sword or repro?   Bavarian sword or repro?  

    Bavarian sword or repro?   Bavarian sword or repro?  

    Bavarian sword or repro?  

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    Looks great, to me-definitely not repro in make or appearance, that I can see. A Fine little sword and in very nice shape-someone took care of this one. I especially like the Lion on the clam shell. Nice pick up! How can you lose for 50 bucks? And you can always sell the portapee and get some of even the 50 back!

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