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Bizarre M16/17 with face cage

Article about: G'day, I have no info and where or when this helmet came from, it was posted on a FB page I'm a member of.... Has anyone seen such a thing before? Thankyou in advance.

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    I think this one has most of us stumped as to what it is, so many theories and anyone of them could be true....I really think a snipers veil would be way too cumbersome to accurately shoot with, but you never do know
    I'd love this in my collection, whatever it it

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    First problem with any sniping application-you can't get the rifle anywhere near your face to sight!

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    I appricate that the guard is distorted, however, if you look at how long it is it would appear to come down to the wearers chest, which makes me think that perhaps it was not designed to be worn in any sort of combat situation (unless you were wearing a breast plate.)

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    Okay, after some searching i have found something that can shine some light on this. It looks like the helmet has been used in training for close combat etc.

    See the similarities with this photo from same time period.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Bizarre M16/17 with face cage  
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    I reckon your on the money there mate....thanks for your research

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