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Brunswick Officers Spikehelmet 3rd Bat. 1886-1912

Article about: Hey folks, I would like to show my brunswick officers helmet as my first threat. My collection actually focusses on "Polrock-period" items, but this one seems to be a real rare one

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    Looks like a very nice piece. Do you have access to the Baldwin Feldzug series of books on Imperial German Militaria. Michael Baldwin had perhaps the best collection of Imperial German militaria I have ever seen. There are 4 volts in the series with 1 and 2 showing lots of Haubes. If I can remember I’ll have a look tomorrow and see what I can find.


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    That would be really awesome!
    As I said I'm really loockig for another piece to compare with. I'm at least not really sure, wheather this is the first pattern or just a sample item.

    You would do me a real favour, if you could have a look!

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    woow amazing helmet!!!I like these big skulls, the men who wore them were real soldiers.

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    Hi FW, unfortunately nothing in my books however you may find more information over on the Kaisers Bunker website: Index Dunkelblau helmets

    Bonhams auctions also has one that you can compare with: Bonhams : An Imperial German Pickelhaube Of An Officer In The 3rd Battalion 92nd (Brunswick) Infantry Regiment

    Appears to be quite a rare and desirable piece.

    Well done,

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    Hello, one terrible helmet
    The best Militaria forum in France is here :

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    First time that I've seen the larger earlier style skull on one of these, other than in the photo in the Stubbs book which I also have.

    The excellent book "Deutsche Offiziershelme aus der Kaiserzeit 1870-1918" Band 1, by Joachim Hilsenbeck, and printed by Steinach-Verlag, pages 123, 124, and 125 shows the later style skull.

    Here's a link to more information on the later style skull: The last helmet of 2009, and it is a good one..... get ready -

    Best Regards,


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    I know when Ralph mentioned "Robin Lumsden"
    In my head I was thinking, Alan's going to love this one also!!

    I'm glad you got to chime in.

    Semper Fi

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    Is it possible to get in contact with these guys? Are they in this forum?
    Unfortunately I am not able to registrate on I don't receive any answers from the admins. Woud really liked to have shown this helmet there to.
    Can anyody help me getting in contact with them?

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    I just ran across this helmet on another forum and Tony from
    "Kaiser's Bunker" did not like it at all. I know very little about
    pickelhaubes but Tony is considered one of the experts.
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

    I was addicted to the "Hokey-Pokey" but I've turned
    myself around.

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