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Can't take it with you My Imperial Mess!

Article about: Gents 'Junk' lol! I've collected over the last 11yrs well most of it smalls are stuffed in boxes, me mattress is in another room so I can sleep lol! When I sold previous collections I vowed

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    Thanks for the reply Eric. Very interesting piece.

    That Kar98a is also one that caught my eye. I have an 1918 ERFRUT in my collection .
    Thanks again for those pics. You have a wonderful collection.
    Semper Fi

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    Excellent "junk" as you call it!

    Adler 1

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    My own thoughts on the matter.

    I'm not a dealer,---- I am a collector. My stuff will not go up for sale until
    it's time for me go to that big show in the sky.

    I have only sold a couple pieces (and regretted it) and have traded a couple pieces
    ith other collectors.
    Im with you Greg :-)
    When some new stuff has been "imprisoned" in my cabinet, I find it very hard to release it again :-)
    It even apply for objects bought together with other things and not really my core interest ! As long as its German or Foreign Legion that is ;-D

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    Hi Eric,

    You have some fantastic items in your collection, congratulations!!!

    Thanks for taking the time to share images of it with us!

    All the Best,


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