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Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

Article about: Steve: Thanks for the follow-up on Mont Alto. It looks like Prusse was probably the engineer superintendent of construction on both the Deutschland and the Bremen. His official designation i

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Howie: Welcome to the Forum. I indeed find your information very interesting. I'm sure the other members on this thread will feel the same.
    I second the motion to view pictures of your grandfather's items, if possible.
    Thank you for sharing your story!

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Howie: Welcome aboard, and thanks for that interesting post. I hope you will photograph your grandfather's artifacts and post them here. I would particularly like to see his assignment book with his orders to report to the U-Deutschland. Dwight

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    We are glad to have aboard. More importantly than pictures of medals, which we would all love to see, you have something nobody else brings to the table….stories. The verbal history you possess is priceless! Most of the other stories were lost over the generations. This is not true in your case. Pictures of medals would be nice to see, but telling everyone one what is was like to work on the U-Deutschland’s engine is priceless. We will gladly take any information you could pass along. Now is the chance for your grandfather’s history to be recorded for following generations.

    One of the most important things we can learn from you is which route he took on his travels around Great Briton on his first two trips. We are looking for the sister boat of the U-Deutschland and believe it took the same route.
    We all look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Steve Zuke

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    Thank you all for the comments. I wish I could shed more light on the travels of the U-Deutschland, or help you in the search of the sister ship, but I no longer remember the specifics of the voyage. I do have a few older living relatives that knew about my grandfather's experiences better than I, and I will write to them this weekend to see if they can provide any real details about the voyage and its course. I will be glad to post some pictures, but most of the pictures will be the same type already posted in the forum. I will look through my keepsakes and see if there is anything that is different and may be of interest to you.


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    Howie: Please don't refrain from posting a photo of an artifact that has already been posted. The more photos we have to make comparisons with, the more we will learn about what is out there. It appears that there were at least two manufacturing runs that produced similar but different designs. Some of the differences are small others are large. For example, on the stamped items there were two logos used, one with just a submarine and the other with the submarine on ocean waves. Below that is the authentification statement in all capital letters, GUARANTEED MADE FROM DEUTSCHLAND METAL. Not all the stamped items have that statement stamped on them. So anything you add to the thread, even if something like it has already been posted, will be useful. We would especially like to see a scan or a sharp photo of your grandfather's assignment book with his orders to report to the U-Deutschland. You have already made an enormous contribution to the thread, and we urge you to continue with anything you have. Looking forward to your posts. Dwight

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    As I had suspected early on, the first image below clearly and proportionally shows that the Steamship NECKAR is not at the same pier as the U-DEUTSCHLAND at her Baltimore moorings but is situated at the next pier over (which is outbound or nearer to Fort McHenry)

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    The S.S. NECKAR which had been moored at the European Pier Number 9 (and shown in the following image in better days and paint) on the north side of Locust Point ...

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    ... was, during March of 1916 placed at anchorage off of what is today called Seagirt Terminal. It wasn't until July 11th or 12th that she was tug-assisted over to the pier between that at which the U-DEUTSCHLAND was lying and Fort McHenry at the tip of Whetstone Point.

    In the top image the submarine's bow is visible just aft of the Barge GEORGE MAY and it can be seen that the burlap bags (which were placed up over the barbed wire fence as a visual screen when the U-DEUTSCHLAND first arrived) weren't doing much to hide the operations and were thus removed.

    The small launch EFCO can be seen in the foreground, lower left.

    Hope this helps fill in a few pieces of the picture ID'g.
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    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    I do have information on what happened to Paul König... [a]fter the war he returned to Norddeutsche Lloyd where be became a division director and finally the Chief Clerk. He made a poorly-attended speaking tour in the United States in 1931-32, and died on 8 September 1932. Dwight
    As we now know, Koenig made a number of tours of various cities within the U.S., outside of his regular trans-Atlantic runs aboard NDL vessels. We don't know the level of expertise his booking agent had in arranging the good captain's speaking engagements.

    Secondly, I've been pinging a goodly number of period newspaper accounts that place Paul Koenig's date of date on the ninth and not the eighth of September in 1933.

    Anyone have a connection to Gnadau, a village and a former municipality in the district Salzlandkreis, in Saxony-Anhalt, Germany? Paul is said to be buried there.

    Since September the 1st. 2010, Gnadau has been a part of the town Barby. The village was to have been founded as a settlement of the Moravian Church (Herrnhuter Brüdergemeine) in the 18th Century and became the seat of a number of diaconal institutions. The name, translated from German, means "Meadow of Grace"

    A street in Gnadau was named in honor of Captain Koenig and the house where he lived his last days is said to still stand.

    Sic Transit Gloria Mundi

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Quote by UBremen View Post
    Here is a picture:

    Capt. Paul Koenig['s]... daughter, known on the British stage [was] Ann Muncaster... They were photographed on their... arrival in New York."

    The daughter's real name was Mary. The ship arrived on a Thursday and it was the S.S. Europa. I don't no the exact date of the photograph. Did anyone know more about Ann Muncaster?

    Excellent image Claas. I may have mentioned this elsewhere but Ann Muncaster's real name was Mary Elizabeth. She went by the hyphenated name of Koenig-Pennington instead of Pennington-Koenig.

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    StBaltimore: Konig did in fact die on 8 September 1933. Here's is a photo that sets the date in stone. Dwight
    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    I must say, I have never seen a discussion quite so conclusively ended! I did get a good laugh out of it though.

    Best to all.

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