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Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

Article about: Steve: Thanks for the follow-up on Mont Alto. It looks like Prusse was probably the engineer superintendent of construction on both the Deutschland and the Bremen. His official designation i

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    Thumbs up Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Dwight, Thanks for the 'rock solid' data and via such a great image too!

    Inscriptions chiseled in stone can't, as many of us have come to realize, be immune from error. That being said, it seems to be the best evidential material we currently have to go on.

    I'd like to ask Claas (or anyone else seeing this) to contact the village of Gnadau and verify Koenig's death date on the original 1933 certificate. Causes and time of expiration would be great to have too. How about a photocopy of the certificate?

    As researchers we know that getting the date wrong is bad enough; perpetuating it is even worse - one way or the other. Let our battle cry be: "Remember the EFCO!" as we continue to 'launch' into charting the waters of rediscovery.

    Dwight can you make out the inscriptions on the two ribbons and give us a bit of provenance on your excellent Koenig's graveside image?

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    Question Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Here's another views of U-DEUTSCHLAND at New London looking out into the river past the float screen during November of 1916.

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Two more questions:

    1. Has anyone ever seen an image of the ill-fated tugboat THOMAS A. SCOTT JR.? and...

    2. Is there a record of the Eastern Forwarding Company's motor launch EFCO being transported to New London by rail? Seems that she left the Port of Baltimore in time to be on hand to shift the float screen at New London by November of 1916 because she shows up in newsreels of the period.

    An outside passage up the coast might have been a bit too tricky for a vessel of that size and import of her mission.

    The THOMAS F. TIMMINS, by September of 1916, had been renamed the HANSA and may have been kept in the Chesapeake as a mission decoy.
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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    StBaltimore: Yes, people do err, especially newspaper reporters. I think we can all rest assured that the stone mason who chiseled Paul König's date of death had it right. Had he not had it right, the people who commissioned the stone would have seen that it was corrected. Dwight

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Sorry Guys,

    the picture in my post #193 did not showing the candel sticks from the "John Bull" catalog.
    Here is a picture from the original:

    A little bit unsharp, sorry. But I had made the picture with my phone camera.


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    Cool Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Great image Claas! But how can we be absolutely one-hundred percent assured that this brass is actually re-cast from the U-DEUTSCHLAND? Only kidding. I doubt if anyone could hold a candle to what lies in your collection.

    This is truly a great thread and I'm especially happy that Dwight started it and you all jumped in too. We do hope you can make it over for the centennial in 2016. This will be the centennial of the DEUTSCHLAND and the BREMEN too.

    Here's a would-be scale (?) replica of the U-DEUTSCHLAND that appears, judging from other objects in the image, to be about five feet long.

    Don't get me wrong, I couldn't produce a model of this quality but I guess what I'm trying to say is that the images shared up on this thread have made us all a bit more discerning.

    I've seen another model similar to the one pictured above but constructed with what I would describe to be a finer eye to detail.

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Here's the URL from whence it came:

    Seite 3

    What's our next step? Build a model of the old girl with a lift-out section to reveal a cut-away view of the interior spaces? Maybe the boys and girls at the US Naval Academy modelers club would want to (with every pun intended) rise to the occasion.


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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    STBaltimore: Great looking model and undoubtedly built from scratch. Where did you find it? Dwight

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    Talking Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Scratch-built? From what I have seen up at the site -- at least some of the parts come precast. You'd know more about scratch-building being a proficient model builder yourself. Can you have a somewhat or partially scratch-built model or would it be called a modified kit?

    Norbert Brüggen seems to be behind it all with his company and U-DEUTSCHLAND and other models have been available from them in the past. Whether they are still production I know not - but if not, it would be nice to know where Norbert Brüggen got his plans.

    Here's a blurb about his book:

    Brüggen, Norbert:
    Model Submarine Technology
    radio control systems, auxiliary functions, diving techniques, attitude control

    Traplet Publications Limited 1996
    ISBN 1-900371-04-9

    WW-I submersibles are listed in this work and I hope the U-DEUTSCHLAND model is included. Anyone here have this tome?

    Dwight, thanks again for the image of Koenig's grave. We intend to produce commemorative ribbons for the memorial his coming September and, with your help, have solved a very important and pressing dilemma.

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    STBaltimore: A scratch-built model is one that is constructed from plans and for which the major parts do not come in a kit. Scrtach-built can be from any material. I use Basswood from which I carve and shape the hull. I form the large metal pieces myself, using aluminum and brass sheet, but the little stuff, like the anchors, wheels, windless, and life-line stanchions I buy from a supplier. I have made some of the little things, like a steam donkey engine for the anchor hoist on my HMS Barlaong Q-ship model, and the steam trawler gear on my North Sea trawler. The model you posted looks to me to be scratch-built. There is a German company that produces a large resin kit of the U-Deutschland for radio controll. It's an enormous model and very detailed. Also very expensive. I'm glad you posted that photo. Dwight

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Dwight: Is this the remote control that you're talking about?

    Modell-Uboot-Spezialitaeten: U-Deutschland


    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Guys, the model of the U-Deutschland is sold out . Modell-Uboot-Spezialitaeten: U-Deutschland

    I know Norbert from the early '80s when I had started my modelling carrer (German sub Typ VIID, never completed, now resting on the attic). He is THE guru for electronic parts for model subs in Germany. His own models are well build and stuffed with high performance electronic .


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