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Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

Article about: Steve: Thanks for the follow-up on Mont Alto. It looks like Prusse was probably the engineer superintendent of construction on both the Deutschland and the Bremen. His official designation i

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    This is a reduced copy of the original Plans:Attachment 486735

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Plan Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Quote by Steve Zuke View Post

    A few months ago I was going to start working on a set of blue prints for the U-Deutschland. I asked Claas if he could send me an email of his poster he had displayed earlier on this forum. When I got it, I realized what a treasure it was and that it needed to be fixed for historical conservation purposes. It just so happens that I had a copy of Photoshop. So I started working on it in the evenings when I got home from work. It took quite a bit of time, but I present to you the results.


    Steve Zuke

    P.S I can now go back to working on the blue prints. This will take a while, so don't hold your breath.

    Attachment 486320

    Attachment 486322
    Steve: You did a great job with this. I'm so happy with mine and I'm sure the other guys will be too.
    Thanks again!


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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Here we go! Dwight sent me a translation (with his coments) of what the numbered legends were on the poster. Here it is for your enjoyment.

    Steve Zuke

    The comments in brackets [ ] are mine and are intended to make it more understandable

    Explanation of the Numbers
    1. Jack [a flag flown at the stem head from a Jack staff when the vessel is berthed or anchored. In this case the City of Bremen flag]
    2. Anker
    3. Forward end of the pressure-safe hull (Pressure hull)
    4. Anker windless
    5. Anker windless drive
    6. Diving planes drive
    7. Forward trim tank
    8. Forward diving plane
    9. Motor for the forward diving planes
    10. Shackle lift hook [Part of the onboard cargo handling rigging]
    11. Passage through the cargo hold
    12. Cargo--Nickel
    13. Manhole [hatch] into the hold from the passageway]
    14. Hatch
    15. Lifeboat
    16. Lifeboat access hatch
    17. Foremast
    18. Bremen City Flag
    19. Lookout [in the crow's nest]
    20. Exhaust valve [Closes off the exhaust system to prevent flooding during submerged running]
    21 Bilge pump
    22. Pantry
    23. Crew quarters
    24. Head/washroom
    25. Electric galley
    26. Lifting hook
    27. Compressed air tanks
    28. Captain's cabin
    29. Batteries [The illustrator has omitted the overhead tram and chain hoist in the battery compartments, and has not shown the entry hatches]
    30. Bilge pipe [carried water from the pump to the through-hull discharge]
    31. Antenna [there are two antenna systems shown. The short-range jumper antenna from stern to bow, across the conning tower, and the long-range high mast antenna strung between the masts. The feed antenna shown in the drawing is incorrect. The mast antenna feed ran down to the radio room--not shown--through the hollow forward mast. The jumper antenna feed entered the hull at the bow and ran aft to the radio room, which was located on the starboard side at frame 76, immediately across from the captain's quarters, which were located on the port side, shown as No. 28 in the drawing.
    32. Periscope
    33. Masthead light (white light, 2250 arc)
    34. Wheel [The outside helm position is shown. The inside helm position was in the central control room]
    35. Starboard [green] running light
    36. Air escape holes
    37. Conning tower. [The conning tower is actually a pressure safe cylinder that sits upright atop the pressure hull, which the Germans called the Kommandoturm, command tower. The visible conning tower is actually part of the casing and upper deck is the bridge. But in popular usage, the visible casing part is also called the conning tower in the old diesel boats, and the sail in the modern nukes]
    38. Conning tower to bridge hatch
    39. Viewing ports [These allowed the captain to see forward and to both sides when diving, running submerged, or surfacing. Armored shutters on the inside of the conning tower were closed and dogged down whenever the captain left the conning tower. If the underwater visibility was good, captains often used them to observe ASW nets and mines or to determine the condition of the hull after receiving damage]
    40. Engine room telegraph
    41. Periscope winch
    42. Central Control Room
    43. Compressors
    44. Depth gauge
    45. Gyro compass [3-axis]
    46. Main bilge pump
    47. Regulator tanks
    48. Cargo--Tin
    49. Main mast
    50. DOR house flag
    51. Engine room
    52. Diesel engine
    53. Ventilation system
    54. Main Induction Valve [air] It was closed off when the boat dove and reopened when the boat surfaced and the diesels were started. A jammed or fouled main induction valve was the cause of several submarine losses by all nations that operated submarines]
    55. Electric motors
    56. Switch panel [electrical]
    57. Propeller shaft
    58. Machinists' mess
    59. Exhaust muffler
    60. Pressure hull [after section]
    61. Casing [after section]
    62. Opening in the casing to allow water to enter freely
    63. Mast trough
    65. Exhaust discharge port [If Claas is right about the exhaust discharge port being on the port side, then this is either an error or represents a later modification. You will recall the discussion about the port side black skirt on the U-Deutschland but not on the U-Bremen]
    66. 3-blade propeller
    67. After diving plane
    68. Main rudder [the Germans specify it as main rudder to differentiate it from the diving planes which they call horizontal rudders. For us, it's simply the rudder]
    69. Propeller guard
    70. Opening for the lifting cables [part of the cargo handling rigging]
    71. Stern light
    72. Ballast tanks between the casing and the pressure hull

    The Underwater Cargo Ship Deutschland, Longitudinal Cut-Away, drawn by Fritz Stoltenberg

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Welcome to the forum. That is a great poster!
    Dive right in, your with friends here. Be warned, we tend to get into the finer details (i.e we will pick it apart) so do not get scrared away.

    Steve Zuke

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Thanks for the Welcome Steve it's most appreciated. With regards to the finer details the "Poster" of U151 is an accurate shipyard 1/72 scale drawing which I reduced to post on the forum.
    If anyone would like an Email of the Full sized Drawing let me know by PM and I will send: Size 12.6mb

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    Wink U-Deutschland From Astern

    Here's an image I think hasn't been posted to this thread prior to now. It has a few interesting clear features which might come in handy for modelers.

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    Many here have seen images of the crew at Baltimore posing with a sign reading DEUTSCHLAND BREMEN. It came to be used by it being removed from the stern of the sub.

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    StBaltimore: Thanks for posting the account of the explosion aboard the U-Deutschland at Birkenhead. Dwight

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    Default Last Days of the U-Deutschland

    A series of news articles relative to an explosion aboard the submarine DEUTSCHLAND while being dismantled in a Birkenhead dry dock was reported in the Manchester Guardian, datelined Liverpool, Saturday, Sept 11th 1921.

    Five apprentices lost their lives and another was seriously injured as a result of the explosion.

    You may view a series of related articles by visiting: Old Mersey Times

    We thank the compiler of this linked-to information, who says that she wishes us not to cut and paste her articles as they have been slightly modified from the original newspaper account text to allow for copyright. The compiler has also indicated a willingness to add more information taken down (in a slightly modified form) from the papers in Liverpool, Manchester and/or Morecambe on the continuing saga of U-DEUTSCHLAND.

    73 und 30
    P.S. Thanks for deleting the original posting Adrian.

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    Default Re: Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

    StBaltimore: Thanks for posting the link. I looked at what's posted and it's very useful material. And as requested, I did ot cut and paste. Dwight

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