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Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

Article about: Steve: Thanks for the follow-up on Mont Alto. It looks like Prusse was probably the engineer superintendent of construction on both the Deutschland and the Bremen. His official designation i

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    Looking to identify Ludwig Schwarzchild in the second image below... He's listed as number eleven in the first image shown
    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    Post'g No. 83.

    In the second image, it appears that Ludwig is pictured on the far right wearing a dark pull over sweater.

    Quote by Steve Zuke View Post
    Post'g N. 123

    If you click on the images themselves they ought to enlarge to give a better opportunity for ID'g. Any thoughts on this observation would be appreciated.

    I'm pinging .... Are you out there Howie?

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    Luke we need to talk more about getting beer mugs made, or plates. Please email me you phone number and I will call you some night when you are in the shower and we can talk about it.

    Deer hunting was a bust. I missed a doe. I am a good shot, but a bad hunter. Then I came home and took my gun out of the back seat, which was still loaded, and was talking to my neighbor about his new car when a doe walked out from behind the shed in my back yard, stood there and stared at us. I correctly chose to yell obscenities instead of shooting. (Quick aside here, with inline muzzleloader you remove the breach plug and push the ram rod through the barrel to push out the charge. As long as the cap is not in the gun it is safe to transport. Two caps are kept in the screws holes for the rubber butt plate.)

    A friend of mine uses an endoscope at work for checking out pumps. He told me where it was kept, so I sent the minions out to steel it for the night. It worked great, but there was not much to see. Just some dust bunnies, old wood blocks, and shims. No names, dates, or money. Well, this is what I really did expect.

    Meanwhile, I was looking up some obscure fact on the U-Deutschland when I came across a photo of the U-155 (In the book The U-boat Offensive 1914-1945 by V.E. Tarrant, page 52). I am not sure if this picture has ever been posted before, but I realized that nearly all the pictures of the U-155 are taken at such an angel that the torpedo tubes on the side are rarely if ever seen. So I decided to post this for your edification and pleasure. By the way, what is that black spot on the stern?

    Best wishes,
    Steve Zuke

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

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    Steve: That's a terrific photo of the U-155 in Kiel. I wonder if she is outbound or returning from her first war patrol. At the end of the first patrol she went into drydock for repairs and to have the torpedo tubes mved inboard like a real U-boat. By the way, I didn't know your were a black powder shooter. I had a genuine 1812 Hopkins and Allen under hammer that I shot in the 60's. I sold it for a lot more than I paid for it, but I wish I had it now. It was a tack-driver. That and my 33 Plymouth coupe with the rumble seat that I paid $35 for in 1953. Dwight

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    Lamentably I've yet to obtain my own library copy of your excellent work entitled: Merchant U-Boat: Adventures of the Deutschland, 1916-1918, published by the Naval Institute Press, at Annapolis, Maryland in 1988.

    My own reading of Merchant U-Boat was one borrowed from the shelves of the Nimitz Library at Annapolis. Nevertheless, I look forward to obtaining my own copy once your revised and much expanded edition rolls off of the press and into the binding.

    I don't recall reading if you were able to find any of Helmsman Karl Pickert's diary useful but do remember mentioning it being in a You Tube offering (along with some excellent U-DEUTSCHLAND and crew footage) at this forum once before. It can be viewed at: The First World War - E07 - Blockade.

    I'd imagine that it can be safely said - everyone at this forum earnestly look forward to reading your revised offering.

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    [QUOTE=Steve Zuke;1017357]Gentlemen,

    "Luke we need to talk more about getting beer mugs made, or plates. Please email me you phone number and I will call you some night when you are in the shower and we can talk about it."

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    Ludwig Schwarzschild is immediately below the person in black. I tagged him in this picture.

    Cargo Submarine U-Deutschland Artifacts and Model

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    Howie: Thanks for that. Once you know who he is, he's easy to pick out of the crowd, but he sure doesn't look twenty years old in that photo. It's good to hear from you again. Dwight

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    Quote by Steve Zuke View Post
    Whoever produced the drawing above seems to have either dreamed up the forward diving plane guards or the builders included them in the plans and then decided not to add them to the finished work since there's not a scrap of photographic evidence to support their existence.

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    Quote by drmessimer View Post
    [FONT=Book Antiqua][SIZE=3]Thanks to Ade and STBaltimore for the added information on the coin. Here is a postcard that also provides the names of the crewmembers. Below the postcard is a list of the crew names referenced to the numbers on the postcard. It has been my intention for a long time to track down the names...

    Number 19 shows Crewman Kissling standing next to Number 20, none other than Karl W.A. Früchte*. Kissling sports a small mustache, such as the person you've identified as your grandfather in post Number 816. If this is the case, and I'm sure you'd know your own grandfather's image, who might the whisker-less fellow be who's identified as Ludwig Schwarzchild in position No. 11?

    A very pleasant lady, near and dear to you recently informed me that she wasn't aware that your grandfather ever sported facial hair. Like Dwight, I'm also pleased to welcome you back to the forum. Your ID'g of your grandfather is helping to set the record straight

    *Karl W.A. Früchte (Fruechte) remained a crew member to later become an engineering officer aboard the U-155. He moved to America after the war and became a naval construction engineer.
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    I've run across a February 1965 New York newspaper obituary for Alan Schwarzchild, son of Mr. & Mrs Ludwig Schwarzchild but haven't found the 1988 death notice for your grandfather. Would you know if he is buried in NY or NJ? The 1965 obit lists also lists Albert Hirsh as the president of the Cold Spring Country Club to which your grandparents were members.

    Now I am wondering how many of the U-DEUTSCHLAND'S crew may have emigrated to the shores of North America.

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