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Could this be Von Richthofen in this photo??

Article about: by davejb How tall was the Baron, judging by the brickwork from ground to top of his head estimated at each brick being standard size , allowing for the angle of the photo , this guy appears

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    Default Re: Could this be Von Richthofen in this photo??

    i have to say when i first pulled up this thread and saw the guy we're talking about here i thought, "Richtofen" immediately.
    doesn't make it him, but i still think it is.

    i'm not reading maybe as carefully as i should here, but effeminate or not, is he not standing with his arm inserted into the crook of the guy's arm next to him in the original photo just as he is in the rest of these photos?

    Name:  verdun France 001.jpg
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    Only the one photo, but these are the images we are confronted with. Things were
    indeed much different then, and simple expressions of friendship and cameradery
    can and will likely be mis-interpreted today.........


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    well i have plenty of friends like Richthofen. i have guys putting their arms around my shoulder all the time in pictures. tough guys.
    nonetheless, i may not be big into having arms around me in pictures, but what are you gonna do?
    i imagine if i had friends who were getting shot at all the time, they'd be doing that even more.
    Richthofen, i guess, was just one of these guys.

    anyway, now that my image of Richthofen is threatened and all messed up, i'm off to bed.

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