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Damaged EKII. Repairable?

Article about: Hello, all! My father gave me this medal which was found by one of the workers at our recycling facility. Unfortunately, it was not found until AFTER it went through the grinder. I assume th

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    There is a guy on eBay in England that advertises both size rings to restore Iron Crosses with....they don't look to cost all that much. The eBay number for the small ring is: 220534165401. He also has the larger size rings for the ribbon. They're made of silver.

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    Thanks, William! I'll weigh my options...

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    Joe....Don't be put off by the replies you have received up to some circles it is perfectly acceptable to have an award/medal repaired if to a high standard, often one can not tell such a repair if performed by someone who knows what they are doing, many crosses have had repairs, as some makers jump/suspension rings were poor in the first place ! look at 1870 crosses many have had repaired jump rings, due to poor construction or insufficient technical abilities at the ponder, if done correctly it will IMO enhance and restore to its former glory !
    Prost ! Steve.
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