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Ek1 question

Article about: Hi All. This 1914 Iron Cross is up for sale on a local website. My question is it original?

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    Default Ek1 question

    Hi All. This 1914 Iron Cross is up for sale on a local website. I have my doubts about this piece. My question is it original?
    Many thanks in advance
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Ek1 question   Ek1 question  

    Ek1 question   Ek1 question  

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    Run and don't look back , this one is a really poor fake

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    yes indeed. no good. Look at the numbers... Sloppy

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    Thanks guys for the quick replys. My suspicions confirmed. Yes the sloppy stampings were a red flag but its always great to have other opinions.
    Thanks and happy new year to all!

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    as stated above----A really bad fake.
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    Agreed with all said above. I would also highlight the specific pin shape and crown design; they are worth remembering as they can be commonly found on various fakes (and even on the "1870" or "1939" fake crosses, for that matter).

    Good luck in your hunt for a good 1914 Iron Cross.

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    Mate, I've just had a look at "alanaustralia's" offerings on Trade Me NZ. This clown is a crook pure & simple.
    Absolute rubbish every item. It would not surprise me in the slightest if this shonky vendor turned out to be affiliated with Karhl's Third Reich Store, also trading as sing_ling on Ebay, Gumtree & Ioffer. The same crap inventory. This guy knows exactly what he is selling.

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