Dear members,

I bought (not dug!) this EM (model 1917?) at a local flea market in Poland. The EM was made for:

Rudolf Hahn, who was born on 8 November 1893 in Wiela bei Annaberg. When this EM was made he was in the I. Ersatz-Batallion des Infanterie-regiment 106 - 2. Kompanie. His stammrollenummer in this unit was: 2021. The Infanterie-regiments 107 - 12. Kompanie (stammrollennummer: 1167) was presumably his last unit before he died. The EM is snapped and this is the top side, which stayed at the remains. Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. has no records of him, so that means he's MIA right? There are some Rudolf Hahn's without birth date on the Volksbund-list but their current burial place dont meet with the combat record of this Hahn's unit.

Erkennungsmarke model 1917 (?)Erkennungsmarke model 1917 (?)