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FAKE KO marked Ek1

Article about: We have recently discovered a new fake that is making the rounds on ebay and other sites. It is a one piece cross that is a very faithful copy of an original KO cross. It is copied after one

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    I have a historical question ... is assumed that at the end of the First World War, the Weimar Republic was established ... that the iron crosses of the first war with the "W" in the center, if one assumes that was the German Empire which fought? the Weimar Republic was a consequence of the end of the war and the Treaty of Versailles ... thanks in advance. Today I received more than my 2nd and 1st class iron and watching them well I asked this question

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    Iron crosses with W letter and 1914 date continued being awarded until 1924. Doesnīt matter it was happening already in the times of Weimar republic. Der Kaiser was still present not only on Iron cross - jewellers like Godet were still offering their pieces under the trademark "Koeniglische Hofjuweliere". I think there is more than one reason.
    At first, people wearing these awards, were fighting for Kaiser, under flag of Kaiser, awarded in the name of Kaiser, and awarded with the medals/orders instituted by Kaiser.
    At second, this fact is only piece of mosaic that shows how Germany - in fact - wasnīt prepared to loose the Kaiser and didnīt want it. Nostalgy for Kaiser goes like thread through all Weimar era - this unwanted Versailles republic.


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