Further to Bayern fussartillerie stamps, which I posted earlier, also came across a felt helmet with a feature that's new to me, a metal band reenforcing the shell. Helmet is made from very heavy, strong felt, you could nearly stand on it, brass fittings, very good quality liner which is stitched directly onto the helmet, as it should be. But, just above it is a metal band similar to the linerbands found on steel helmets, with the chinstrap retaining lugs fixed thru it. I've never seen a felt helmet with this feature before, nor have I ever seen it mentioned anywhere that I can recall, and I wonder has anyone else? Camera on the blink at the moment so can't put on a photo of the band, but its the same width as the metal band that would be found on a steel helmet right down to 1945, and is very rusted and obviously has been in place since the helmet was made.Felt pickelhaube with metal bandFelt pickelhaube with metal bandFelt pickelhaube with metal band Prior hotos of helmet attatched. Love to have some views on this one.