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A few stirnpanzers

Article about: What can I say? I just can’t control myself when I see a stirnpanzer… Annoyed from this ads?   Adler

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    Thank you for your nice comments gents!

    2 Questions that have to be asked:
    1. Were all of these trench helmets when issued ...I would assume, that they also came with this frontal armor,,
    2. Were these used for machine gunners..or just to peek over the trench so not to get shot in the head?
    1. No, they were issued at company level in dangerous situations.
    2. This could of course also be for machinegunners, but not nessecarily...

    Did they actually Work, I wonder?
    Yes, they did. The stirnpanzer was meant to have less head injuries, which could also be caused by pieces of schrapnel and other debris. When taking a frontal hit of a bullet, it was very likely that it would penetrate the stirnpanzer and the helmet, but I suppose when the bullet hits under an angle, it was probably just deflected...


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    be careful these were faked in the 70s,castiron.

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    I know... that's why I found only 4 good ones with original paint since 1973...


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    Fantastic and super rare pieces, Karel!!! And to have straps on some of them, that is really the "icing on the cake" to find them like this!!!

    You have a breath-taking collection that has taken decades of hard work and patience!!! Congratulations!!!

    I found only 4 good ones with original paint since 1973...
    I've seen countless bad ones over the years, and would like to find a real one to add to my collection some day.

    I know of 1-good one without straps in a museum, that I was allowed to take photos of.

    I also know of a berndorfer helmet w/the special Austrian stirnpanzer to go on it, that is in storage in a museum. I will have to take photos of the set sometime soon, and share the photos.

    All the Best,


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    I missed this one on the first time around and I'm glad it got bumped back up. I have always loved these and wanted to add one to my M17 but most were out of my range or looking like the had been in the mud since 1918.
    To have 4 that look to be in good shape in your collection is just fantastic. Congrats and thanks for making me drool for the last time tonight before I hit the hay. If I wake up in the morning with a puddle on my pillow. Know that I will be blaming you!!!
    Semper Fi

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    Fantastic grouping of rare accessory I know a long time 50 years + collector of WW1 he has only one. timothy

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    Thanks for your nice coments gentlemen!
    Alan, maybe you can show some pictures of it?
    Phil, how did it work out with that puddle? Hope you're not mad at me anymore ;-))
    Thimothy, I found the first two about 30 years ago within a few months. The other two I both found in 2014... strangs huh?


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    Must have been quite a sobering experience to be wearing one and take a hit to the head and still survive.

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    WOW, I have always wanted one, however all the ones I see are repros, they are still making them!

    Dean O

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    Great collection!!
    Maybe one day day ill find one of those... dug up for berndorf and one usualy...

    Do you have the stirnschild for Austrohungarian dragoon helmet?

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