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Flame thrower badge ?

Article about: Any suggestions ? I thought the were all made in cloth.

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    Default Flame thrower badge ?

    Flame thrower badge ?Flame thrower badge ?Flame thrower badge ?Flame thrower badge ?

    Any suggestions ? I thought the were all made in cloth.

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    You might ask Aldo to take a look at this one. He and Robin are
    our resident skull experts.
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    Thanks for the vote of confidence Greg but I'll defer to Robin or carlsson1982. I believe I showed one like this to Sid without the backing and he confirmed it as a fantasy skull, nothing to do with TR or Imperial Germany. Robin Lumsden has real Flammenwerfer badges in his collection, look up his threads. I give this a thumbs down.

    they were selling this one on ebay awhile ago.

    Flame thrower badge ?

    Flame thrower badge ?

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    MAP is online now


    Beyond the fantasy issue. The aging on this is clearly contrived.
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