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Flieger Mannschaft Shoulder Straps

Article about: Hello Tim, In case you would like a comparison, here is my example. They're not identical, but other than pairs, no two of my nine pieces are. Regards, CCMJR

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    Hi Tim, thanks for joining the forum and supporting us by joining the Gold Club. Without this valued support we could not carry on.

    WW1 is not my area. So I cannot really offer a truely valid opinion on these. But to me, these don't give the appearance of something 90 odd years old. The colour of the cloth reminds me of Swiss Army material. But as I said, this is not really my thing.

    Cheers, Ade.
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    Hi Ade - Many thanks for your reply. In response to the Gold Club: as mentioned, I have been lurking for quite some time, and have picked up some tips that I believe have saved me money. Consequently I feel that the Membership is warranted.

    In terms of the straps I think it is best to forgo them. A pity, but without a definitive answer, I will always wonder if they are legitimate or not...and as I have already stated there are enough questions in my own mind to walk away.

    Ultimately I was wondering if they may have been a version I had not yet encountered.


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    Sorry to say that those are modern reproductions. Many telltale signs, wrong button holes, no such pattern existed, on and on.....

    Best regards,

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    Ah ha! Many thanks for the answer. Glad to say I did not purchase them.


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    Here are what real ones should look like. On the left is a simplified M07 (some call it a M14?) and on the right is a M15. These are issue straps and neither of these patterns would have been issued with a tongue. These were normally sewn down at the shoulder seam. There were other patterns. The M07 type was feldgrau with light gray piping, a tongue and red device and number. There were also patterns for the mechanic's work suits (fatigues), as well a light gray example for the dress Dunkelblau tunic up until it was replaced by the dress gray Friedensrock (by regulation) in September of 1915.

    There were, of course, private purchase pieces as well and that is where a lot of confusion comes in, as most fakes are passed off as such.

    Attached Images Attached Images Flieger Mannschaft Shoulder Straps 

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    Wonderful photos - thank you so much for posting them.

    Have book marked the page for future the hunt continues.


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    Not sure about this one - but it is certainly better than the first I posted...still need assistance.

    Oops - forgot to blur the website and I can't seem to change it......

    Attached Images Attached Images Flieger Mannschaft Shoulder Straps Flieger Mannschaft Shoulder Straps 

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    Perfect issue example. I have one from this FEA too.


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    Many thanks CCMJR. I have investigated this a lot more than when I first posted and was 99% happy that it was original.

    However with your final seal of approval, it's now on it's way to me.


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