Gentlemen.....In case you haven't seen the information can I point you in the direction of this thread: It's fairly self explanatory, the forum needs upgrading to a new server to help it run faster and to store the amount of information contained here. Therefore, you might find some downtime or slow running so please be patient and bear with Dimas who will try and make the transition as smooth as possible.
Obviously it costs money and as the donations are some way short it would be very helpful if a few /$/ could be contributed if at all possible. The forum is run by it's members and is not a business or money making scheme, paid membership is not mandatory and long may that continue. There is a wealth of information here and it continues to increase on a daily basis as more members join and contribute. If the forum and it's members have helped save you some money or helped you work out a good deal, please consider returning a little if you can.
Thanks for reading and thank you to everyone for their contributions and willingness to share their collections and opinions!
Prost ! Steve.