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German Casualty List

Article about: Hello everyone, Today I have with me a german casualty list from September 20, 1915. I was looking for some information about my great grandfather who served in the war , and by some great c

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    Default German Casualty List

    Hello everyone,

    Today I have with me a german casualty list from September 20, 1915. I was looking for some information about my great grandfather who served in the war , and by some great chance i was able to find this list with his name on it... however i have some questions i hope you guys could answer.
    there are some words i would like translated, they appear to be titles of the list and some other key words, i have circled them on the pictures. The division appears to be IR 90. My great grandfathers name was Wilhelm Bodenhahen. Also the listing pattern seems to go in this order: persons name, followed by their hometown and im not sure what the third category is... If more clear photos are needed or I am not going into enough depth about my questions please let me know, as i am complely new to this type of research. any input would be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much ,
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture German Casualty List   German Casualty List  

    German Casualty List   German Casualty List  

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    Leicht verwundet = slightly wounded or minor/light wounds

    Top header says German casualty list.

    On the other entries, gefallen is fallen i.e. dead.

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    Thank you for the translation avenger... my great grandfather was actually shot in the head.... not exactly a light wound! Lol

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    Was he wounded before that? Perhaps this document covers an earlier incident?

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    Im not quite sure, as of now this list is all i have, he was about 19 at the time so it is possible. Based on the family story the head wound is the only one im aware of.

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    A light wound could have been shrapnel or some other similar non life threatening injury or affliction like frostbite, that could have not been mentioned much in stories of him, as it's less significant compared to giving one's life in the service of their country. Perhaps that's the case? Or, it could be an error on the listing as well. He would have likely been eligible for a black wound badge for the injury if you know his medal and awards history. Though I'm not sure if they retroactively awarded them after 1918 when they started awarding them.

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    I had never thought of that, thank you for pointing thst out. I will be doing more research today, and i do know about the wound badge, i just assumed he got the iron cross in Place of it

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    There are 5 men named Wilhelm Bodenhagen on the casualty lists, your great grandfather only appears once. It's possible this was his only wound reported on the lists.

    In 1917 and 1918 especially towards the end of the war the lists can be very long and confusing, they mostly just give a name and unit only and no doubt names of many men who were wounded are missing.

    Below are the 5 men named Wilhelm Bodenhagen.

    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Hohnstedt, Nordteim 1217 1916-10-20 15666 2013-05-20
    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Rüningen, Braunschweig 1071 1916-07-29 13646 2013-02-16
    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Hohnstedt, Northeim 907 1916-03-15 11623 2012-12-27
    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Königsdahlum, Marienburg 415 1915-03-24 5453 2012-05-02
    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Hamburg 695 1915-09-20 8879 2012-09-24
    Bodenhagen Wilhelm Güstrow 1167 1916-09-21 14967 2013-04-08


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    Hello Tony,
    I have determined that he would have been the Wilhelm Bodenhagen from Hamburg who was wounded on September 20, 1915, as my great grandfather and his family was from Hamburg. May i ask what website you got this information from? I have been using and i got these exact results.


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    I didn't know they were on ancestry too, I assumed you got them from the same site I went to which is why I didn't include a link. Here's the site Search results Verlustlisten 1. Weltkrieg

    You can also search German address books however, the years available are very few and far between. There was a Willy Bodenhagen (a carpenter) living in Rostock in 1924. Heinrich Bodenhagen lived at the same address but that's possibly the Wilhelm from Güstrow noted on the casualty lists, unless you can pin your family to either Rostock or Güstrow.


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