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German helmet

Article about: Any thoughts? Annoyed from this ads?  

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    Default German helmet

    Any thoughts?German helmetGerman helmetGerman helmetGerman helmetGerman helmetGerman helmetGerman helmet

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    IMO - fake (modern) camo paint and artificially fake (modern) aged liner.

    Looks like paint was applied over an original pitted shell.

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    John is 100% correct.

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    Under the paint, you can see the rust.
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    Liner is not period but paint work seems right.

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    Modern paint for sure, it's painted over the rust pitting!....
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    NIL out of 3,you are not doing well.

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    Hi, if I thought it was good I would happily "sail against the wind" but it is not I'm afraid. As the guys have quite rightly pointed out, the pitting from old rust/wear to the shell is underneath the cammo. A sure fire sign that this is a fake modern paint job, sorry. Leon.
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    Liner band is a 1918 pads look new and the inside has been repainted with the liner in the helmet.

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