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Helmet cover

Article about: Hi, I wonder can anyone assist with this question. Do you know of any company that manufacture a repro of the WWI cloth helmet covers for the lobster-tail Kurassier helmet? A genuine one tur

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    Default Helmet cover

    I wonder can anyone assist with this question. Do you know of any company that manufacture a repro of the WWI cloth helmet covers for the lobster-tail Kurassier helmet? A genuine one turning up seems pretty unlikley, and I've only seen reproduction ones for the standard leather pickelhaube. Any assistance would be great.



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    DPWICK, welcome to the forum !.....the real thing is probably going to be easier to find !..I know of no known producers of a copy/reproduction of this item, you could try e mailing one the better producers/stockists of re-enacting Imperial German items such as or they may be able to help point you in the right direction, sorry I cant be of more help.

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    Thanks Oradour, I'll try them. While I'm on to you, perhaps you might be able to shed some light on a curious helmet, M-15, Baden, made by L. Ritgen Karlsruhe IB, 1916. Ink-marked by hand for IR114, with paper label: Musketier Wernet 4 K. Era Bat 111. I assume Herr Wernet did his training with the Replacement Bat of IR111 and then went to IR114. Now, the curious part is: the removable spike has a steel 1915 bayonet base but a pre-war brass top! Both parts are 100% genuine and superbly fitted togeather, proper factory job, and totally covered in many years dirt when found, requiring considerable cleaning to even see what they were made of. Several collectors had a think over this one, with two suggested possibilities. One that it was simply wartime 'use up old parts', and two that it had something to do with IR114 providing the Wachtkommando Burg Hohenzollern. Have you any thoughts on this? Nobody I've asked seems to know much about the 114's role at Burg Hohenzollern, or if they might have 'fancyed-up' their helmets . I've seen mixed steel and brass parts on wartime helmets, a case of using what was to hand, but never before one part made of both. I'd be interested to hear your thoughts on that one.

    Again thanks for your help. I'll let you know if I come up with anything re the cover. All the best


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    DPWICK...please post photographs of the helmet, from all angles, I and I would imagine other members of this sub-forum would love to for the training and transfer, re- markings in helmet, I imagine what you suggest to be true, the smaller Duchies usually had all their regiments attached to the same Armee Korps district, so upon transfer ther was no need to return equipment back to the clothing store (B.A. marking), as the new regiment drew its equipment from the same source, the soldier just remarked in his own way. You are correct re mix of brass and steel parts, especially on the change over from M95/97 helms to M15, the manufactuers assembly line would use buckets/containers of brass parts, and as they ran out, they refilled with steel parts, so as you say, common to see M15 helmets with mixed parts. As for J.R.114 Guard duties, you know more than me on that subject !, (I was unaware, you live and learn !), I shall have to look it up ! please enlighten if you know more on the subject......

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    Here are some photos, before and after cleaning (the Wappen lugs are broken, and helmet not in great condition) as well as close-ups of the markings and the odd spike. Also the cockades, which are genuine, but had been over-painted, a long time ago by the look of the paint that was used. Much of it was carefully cleaned off. Anyway, have a lok and see what you think.

    All the best,

    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Helmet cover   Helmet cover  

    Attached Images Attached Images Helmet cover Helmet cover Helmet cover Helmet cover 

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    DPWICK, nice original M15 Pickelhaube....I have never seen that type of removable spike before, amazing, talk about a mixture of brass and steel parts !...but none the less period original. Did you buy the helm of e-bay, from a seller called 'grounddug' or similiar, as i take it the two photos on the green backing were before you owned it ? for the spike being special, as to the guard duties this regiment performed, I am of the opinion not. I did some research of '6th Badisches Infanterie-Regt, Kaiser Frederich III, Nr 114' (Wachtkommando Burg Hohenzollern) it was based/garrisoned in Konstanz, and was part of XIV Army Corps.It was founded on 26/10/1867. It was, since the summer of 1871, responsible for providing a 'Wachtbattalion' for guard duty at the 'Hohenzollern Burg (Castle)' which was nearby, in the state of Baden-Wurttemberg. This castle was rebuilt to its now configuration b/t 1845-1867, it was built as a memorial to the Hohenzollern royal family, no one resided ther until 1945, when the ex Crown Prince Willhelm (little Willy) and his wife Cecilie moved in, and resided there until their deaths (they are buried there). During WW1 the regiment was active throughout on the Western front, virtually wiped out on the Aisne in 1918, it only attained Battalion strength upto being demobilised in December 1918 and was disbanded 9/5/1919. Hope this helps.

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    ORADOUR, thanks for that info. I agree as to the dual metal spike, looking good for guard duty doesn't seem likely. If that were the case why not just use the old issue helmets with all brass fittings, or use screw-top ones to allow a plume to be worn. A simple if unusual case of 'use whatever is to hand' seems the best guess. Pity the helmet isn't in first class condition, the visor trim being cracked in the middle so the visor is somewhat out of shape (doesn't show in the photos as it finally gave out post photos), and the Wappen secured with guled-on lugs, but still an interesting item, plus of course the owners name, ect. The cockades are a bit odd looking but still genuine. It came from a man in the UK, whose name I can't now recall, not expensive due to its not being in tip top condition, and as you see was very dirty. Prior to cleaning you couldn't tell just by looking at it if it had brass or steel fittings, they were a dull brownish colour, and of course the dual spike came as quite a surprise when it started to show through! The only other time I've encountered anything like that was an M16 that had been painted bright Kelly green (modern paint), got it for almost nothing, and on removing the new paint found considerable traces of the black lines and brown/green cammo paint below it. Anyway, thanks again, nice hearing from you. All the best, and good collecting,


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    DPWICK, no problem...have you still got the M16 ?...if so post !.....

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    No, I gave it to a friend who was into steel helmets. I have a couple, but I'm more interested in the earlier helmets.

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    you gave it away?!?!?
    id sure like to be your friend haha

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