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Help identifying a bayonet

Article about: Can someone I'd this bayonet

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    Default Help identifying a bayonet

    Can someone I'd this bayonetHelp identifying a bayonetHelp identifying a bayonetHelp identifying a bayonetHelp identifying a bayonetHelp identifying a bayonetHelp identifying a bayonet

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    Looks like an Austrian model 1888 .. commonly used in WW1.

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    One of the many Austrian 1895 models. Strange that there is no fuller. What are the markings on it? I could not expanded the pictures to see any. Austria, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Greece, etc., all used the 1895. I would need to see the markings to know which one it is. Although Andy will probably know which one it is for sure.


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    Has no markings on bayonet only number on scabbard

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    I thought it was Austrian but the lack of fuller fooled me. You think it could be an early ersatz blade with a wooden hilt?

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    It is hard for me to say, but that would explain the lack of the fuller. It is hard for me to be certain on a lot of these bayo's , because so many were reworked for/and by other countries. Lets see what Andy has to say.


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    Hello could You provide info about the pommel marking of the piece? is there any numbers, and please could You measure the barell ring inner diameter. most probably postwar yugoslavian production. thanks. b.r.Andy

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    There are no markings anywhere on the bayonet including the pomel

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    Looked at every Yugoslavian bayonet I could find on the web. See nothing that looks like this with the flat blade no fuller.

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    The bayonet is not so obvious so You will not found them on many places, as You dont search in the right places, i assume You dont speak serbian, the 2 similar pieces are pictured in book of David Machnicki "To the Hilt" but i forgot the exact side, the bayonets were made for M95 rifles in Yugoslavia and some were refurbished for M95M reworks. The scabbard is proper most real too yugoslavian made. b.r.Andy
    Additional picture of pommel is possible? is there a filing?

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