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Help with regimental markings on German ww1 bayonet

Article about: Anyone know what unit? Views: 0 Size: 30.0 KB class= thumbnail style= float:CONFIG /> Marked 4.R.E. 3. 37

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    Default Help with regimental markings on German ww1 bayonet

    Anyone know what unit?Name:  image.jpg
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    Marked 4.R.E. 3. 37

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    I did some looking into this and there was no 4th Prussian Inf.Rgt. The only real possibility would have been the 4.bayr.I.R., Ersatz Batl., 3.Komp., but I don't see the normal "B" in front of the "4" to indicate a Bavarian regiment.


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    It is Prussian; 4th Grenadier Regiment, Ersatz Battalion, 3 Company, Weapon 37.

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    Quote by habicht View Post
    It is Prussian; 4th Grenadier Regiment, Ersatz Battalion, 3 Company, Weapon 37.
    Wouldn't there normally be a "G." to indicate a grenadier regiment?


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    Tradition designations such as Grenadier and Fussilier were often used in unit markings but Army directives were to use R. for infantry regiments. Guard and Guard Grenadier regiments were the exception.

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    Hello habicht,

    I was going by the D.V.E. 185, Vorschrift über das Stempeln der Handwaffen (28.1.1909), which supposedly contains an index that for the letter "G." gives the following meanings, Garde-(Regiment), Gardekorps (Generalkommando nebst Feldverwaltungsbehörden), Grenadier-(Regiment), usw.

    You can understand my leaving the grenadier possibility out of my thoughts. I do see, however, in the actual original printing on page 16 for infantry markings, there is no mention of Grenadier regiments other than Garde Grenadier. So, I thank you for your interpretation, which clarifies what grenadier markings can be.


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    Thanks so much for the help

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