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i want to get something priced rare items panzer ss

Article about: hello i would like to get somebody to pricetag this for me . but every where they just say no this is because this is the real deal only made in 415 pieces in the world .... made for 1936 hi

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    I can't believe I just read "real deal and Snyder's Treasures" in the same thread
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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    I can't believe I just read "real deal and Snyder's Treasures" in the same thread
    I think Greg it should be REEL DEAL .... as in Charlie has the fishing line and bait ...

    Cheers, Dan
    " When you're chewing on life's gristle, don't grumble, give a whistle "

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    10/10 would read again , thanks for the humor Claus!

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    Quote by Claus View Post
    Because you sit behind a desk and call charlie snyder a fake and a lot of stuff , dont meen that you not are legal reaponsible for that you type .. Of course i have all papers and picktures legal stuff on this item just a link to something i find odd because there where 3 types made and only 1 in gold guess there the good ones where made and the last type was made , but i dont give a **** about senior members ... Or any one .. I just want to get a price on it nothing more so who is going to study history , and maybe se spanish leading figures whit this bagde on .. Not me maybe senior members , my guess and be 100 procent i got my historie rigth along court dokuments
    Obviously your $hit for brains transplant was successful.

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    This clown would have listed this piece of crap in our classifieds if even one person had given it a positive comment.

    William, your input is valued by me and you are far more gentlemanly and eloquent than I'll ever be and judging by the comments on this thread I'm not alone there.

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    Quote by Claus View Post
    but i dont give a **** about senior members ... Or any one ..
    and another gone down in Flames.
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    I think he needs his water changed or something... "The Bends" even in that shallow of depths is purely "Retarded"..
    For the U.K. Guys... Claus.... "The Family Guy" not sure if it's over there !! G
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