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Imperial awards need id

Article about: can anyone say what any of these are for ?.All appear to be German. thanks

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    Default Imperial awards need id

    can anyone say what any of these are for ?.All appear to be German.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial awards need id   Imperial awards need id  

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    Default Re: Imperial awards need id

    These are unlike any WWI awards I have ever seen. I don't think they are German, but it is difficult to tell without more detailed pictures. Could you post a close up picture of the reverse sides so we can see the lettering? Thanks


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    Default Re: Imperial awards need id

    They are Imperial German in origin...however they are unofficial, and are probably for some civil or military occasion that locally needed to be commemorated....There were hundreds of such medals made within Imperial Germany and were usually purchased for a small price, I have not seen these designs before... I will take a guess, mainly because of State colours used in their design, from left to right, top to bottom....1) Bavarian, (State colours, Sky blue/White) 2) Unknown..possibly one of the Mecklenburg States ? 3) Duchy of Braunschweig/Brunswick medal (The horse is an emblem of the Duchy of Brunswick), 4) A Saxon medal (Green/White Sachsen state colours).
    Somebody may know....lets see.
    Prost ! Steve.

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