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Imperial Eks

Article about: Excellent EKs you have there Chopperman. Can you tell me more info about this one?

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    Default 1914 ek2 ring?

    Original World War I German Iron Cross Second Class with Neck Chain | eBay

    What's up with the abnormally large ribbon ring on this one? Marked "M"Imperial Eks

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    Default what's this thing?

    Couldn't find anything similar to this one after searching for awhile.

    What is it?

    Imperial German Prussian Iron Cross 2st Class 1788 1913 No Res | eBay


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    Picked up this 'trench art' ashtray yesterday.
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial Eks   Imperial Eks  

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    I speculate this is an Allied piece or a postwar-cottage industry product...flicking ashes on the EK would have been seriously frowned upon in German society, I assume, lol...Thanks for showing!
    cheers, Glenn

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    Hi Glenn, couldn't agree more. Definitely an Allied item showing disrespect to the enemy. Possibly done by a tommy a bought in Devon.

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    Quote by JamesWatson View Post
    What is it?
    Pure crap
    Live to ride -- Ride to live

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    myself around.

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    Quote by Chopperman View Post
    Pure crap
    Agree , pure fantasy junk sorry.

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    Quote by DUJAILAH View Post
    Picked up this 'trench art' ashtray yesterday.
    Nice piece. To me it looks like reverse of B-type EK2 1870, which is quite valuable piece, or - at least - reverse of S-W B14 Type.
    If I were you, Iīd put some effort (with a mirror, best would be dentistīs mirror-spoon) to see the date on the obverse.


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    Hi Miro, managed to check it with a dentist type mirror. Sadly it's 1914, cheers, Richard.

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    Original German WW 1 Iron Cross 1 Class Marker KO | eBay

    Freshly listed. Could be a good deal if it's legit, right?

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