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Imperial Eks

Article about: Excellent EKs you have there Chopperman. Can you tell me more info about this one?

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    Beautiful crosses. Look at the oakleaves on the Zeich marked cross of Richard's. The crispness of the detailing on the 1870 is superb. I just can't get over the need to collect these things.

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    i thought i`d show mine , i`ve only got two but really like them . one is marked WILM on the ring which is for HJ Wilm, Hof_und Silberschmiede , Berlin and the lesser quality example is marked L. W which i believe is an unknown manufacturer , sorry the photography is not the best

    cheers Al
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    oops , i stated one was marked Luftwaffe , i meant L.W. I think the site auto - edited it

    cheers Al

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    Nice crosses Al. Thanks for showing, cheers, Richard.

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    it happened to my thread, i have shown my L.W. cross earlier on in the post, and saw that the L.W. had suddenly changed to 'Luftwaffe', i know sometimes due to my age i do some daft things but i couldnt remember typing out 'Luftwaffe' !.......anyway, nice pair of EK II's.

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    Thanks for the comments gents , there are some cracking crosses posted here , and it`s real hard holding back from purchasing more I would really like to add a nice vaulted 1st class version at some stage Oradour , i know what you mean about the postings , i read mine back and couldn`t believe it , i thought old age was catching up with me i think there`s a programme that tries to stop abbreviations

    cheers AL

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    Thought i would show my latest aquisition, a 'WILM' EK II, i bought together with its award document (which was what i was really after), i have not recieved them yet, so no physical examination. I will update on receipt.
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    Oradour , mine was the first WILM i`d seen and now another that`s fab with the paperwork , i really think it makes it , nice find ! Mine has a little rattle when you shake it ,

    cheers Al

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    looks like your WILM has "a touch of frost "

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    Hi Chaps, Here's my latest. I was really after a screwback; but couldn't resist this EK1 by Wagner & Sohne, Berlin. My pics don't do it justice; but it's got a thick black patination. Probably worn and then it's not been cleaned for the last 90 years. The WS maker mark is by the hook.


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