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Imperial Eks

Article about: Excellent EKs you have there Chopperman. Can you tell me more info about this one?

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    Hi Chaps, here's my latest EK1. It's the standard 3 piece construction (silver frame & iron centre) & of a nice quality. Somebody has tested the silver by giving it a good scratch near the hinge on the back It's not marked in anyway; but does anyone know a maker that made the pin this way? I've got a hunch it's a post WW1 type made in the 1920's/30's. Is that right?


    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial Eks   Imperial Eks  

    Imperial Eks   Imperial Eks  

    Imperial Eks  

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    Richard, i saw this or its double for sale on e-bay, i wasnt happy with the pin fastner system as it it very reminiscent of the high hinge fake wound badges that abound, and coupled with its almost pristine condition, especially what appears to be a frosted frame, so i personally gave it a miss. I think it is worthy of further discussion, lets see what the other chaps think. Its hinge is not typical wartime construction, but the amount of fastning systems on Imperial EK,s is so diverse, one of the reasons why a 'standard' (LDO, L #'s) was introduced in the Third Reich period.

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    Hi Oradour, yeah it was the one on e-bay. The frames not frosted, it's just the way it looks in the photo. It's got plenty of edge kocks & what would seem to be honest wear. Like you said it would be nice to get some further feedback as I've got 7 days to get my money back if it turns out to be a fake, Cheers, Richard.

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    I don't know about this one.
    Personnaly I don't like it for the same reasons Oradour
    mentioned. One of these was posted on another forum
    a while back and it generated same discussion there as well.
    I don't remember what the final verdict was I will see
    if I can track down the thread.
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    Richard, none of the other chaps, other than Chopperman, have joined the debate upto date, so one has to assume they dont know or have not been at their screens during the past week. I have over the past few days delved deep into the world of Iron Crosses, comparing many crosses with yours, and although i have not found an identical cross (not surprising and difficult at the best of times with Imperial EK's), i have come across similiar needle pins and catches in various combinations, although i have been unable to determine height of the fastners compared to yours, the task would of been far easier if i was able to handle the items ! I have, having examined your photos in detail i.e. frame beading, core detail etc... have come to the conclusion that your cross is genuine, and concur that you are correct in your assumption that it is 20's/early30's jewellers replacement. For the casual observer, during the course of my research, i, albeit photographically, examined crosses that were one piece, and non magnetic pieces, that were correct and 100% original (that throws the 'must be three piece and magnetic' rule of the thumb, out of the window!!) something i personally knew already. The more one delves into Imperial EK's, the more fascinating the subject reveals itself to be !

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    I have the same pin arrangement on my WW1 EK 1 with Spange.
    I'll get ahold of a camera and get some better shot's ,but for now my cellphone will have to do.
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    Thanks AZPhil.

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    Very interesting and informative thread guys!

    my Skype: warrelics

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    Hi Richard, have been out of the country so only just seen this. Couldn't give you a definitive answer on that one. It is a very modern looking pin and hinge construction but the core details and frame look fine to me. There are several crosses with simple straight pins like this so that wouldn't rule it out. You've got the benefit of holding it so if it feels OK in the flesh it probably is a later made piece.

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    Hi Glenn, I've had mixed feedback on this one. I had a gut feeling it was wrong, got a bit nervous about it & I've sent it back. It was of a very high quality; but the 'W' & the 1914 looked very sharp edged & the paint had a modern 'plasticated' feel to it. Thanks everyone for your help, Cheers, Richard.

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