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Imperial/TR Group ID Please

Article about: hi Folks,I recently aquired this group and am hoping that someone out there can positively ID the last nedal in the group. The group appears to be Bavarian originally and the medal I am afte

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    Default Imperial/TR Group ID Please

    hi Folks,I recently aquired this group and am hoping that someone out there can positively ID the last nedal in the group. The group appears to be Bavarian originally and the medal I am after has the Bavarian arms on the reverse and would appear to be commemorative?? can anyone out there advise please??

    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

    Imperial/TR Group ID PleaseImperial/TR Group ID PleaseImperial/TR Group ID Please

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    Sorry Michael can't help you out at all with the I.D...but I must say a lovely set of medals you have there..I wouldn't mind seeing some photos if you have any handy? Cheers Terry.

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    That medal is the Goldene-Hochzeits-Erinnerungsmünze [Golden Wedding Anniversary Commemorative Medal] commemorating the "Golden" [i.e. 50th] Wedding Anniversary of Bavarian King Ludwig III. in 1918.

    The medal was instituted by King Ludwig III in 1918 and was to be presented at Christmas of that year, but due to the events of November 1918, it would be until 1921 (and after his death) when the first awards took place.

    There was an iron and a silver-plated version. This one looks like the latter to me, having lost its silver-plating with time.

    For more information, see:
    Goldene Hochzeits-Erinnerungsmünze in Eisen
    Goldene Hochzeits-Erinnerungsmünze tragbar versilbert
    (German language)

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    I think this ought to be in the WW1 and imperial forum as opposed to the USSR forum, would probably get more attention there.

    Very nice medals though.

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    Gutten Tag!! Hi HPL2008, Thank you very much for your rapid and comprehencive response to my question. I have book marked the link which you gave me and will explore it over the next few days.
    Thank you once again
    Regards and best wishes Michael R

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    Hi Robin, Thank you for your message and opinion. I must be getting confused in my doteage!! I thought that as there were TR medals in the group, the best place would be TR Medals but if I have put into the Russian section then appologies for my error and thank you for pointing it out. I will pay a bit more attention next time. I have several more medals to try and ID so next time I will get it right!!
    With thanks, regards and best wishes Michael R

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    it comes to all of us at somtime Micheal.

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    Very nice group of medals - Congrats.........!


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    ]Hi All, Thank you to everyone who responded to my request, it is greatly appriciated. I am not a collector of Imperial medals but have taken a shine to those that have been mounted with TR groups. This shine has developed into something of a more intence interest but alas my knowledge is poor!! So I bought some books and still failed to ID numerous medals and ribbons so if I am not imposing, may I return to this thread as and when necessary please??

    I attach a couple of photos of some medals which I would like to ID so if you can help please feel free to make whatever comments you feel fitting. Cheers once again Michael R

    Item 1 A Stahlhelm badge of unfamiliar construction?? What do you think??
    Item 2 A recently aquired group for identification if possible please.
    Item 3 A pin back breast cross which I have been unable to ID. Any ideas please??

    Imperial/TR Group ID PleaseImperial/TR Group ID PleaseImperial/TR Group ID PleaseImperial/TR Group ID Please[ATTACH=CONFIG]575649[/ATTACH
    Click to enlarge the picture Click to enlarge the picture Imperial/TR Group ID Please  

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    The medal bar is for a Prussian WWI veteran and has the following decorations (from left to right):

    • Eisernes Kreuz 2. Klasse [Iron Cross 2nd Class] (1914 issue). The "25" device is a strictly unofficial, non-regulation addition. From its design, I would say it is an award (or part of an award) for 25 years of membership in a veterans' association, which the wearer has decided to affix to the ribbon of his Iron Cross.
    • Ehrenkreuz für Frontkämpfer 1914-18 [Honor Cross for Frontline Combatatants 1914-18] (instituted in 1934)
    • The Prussian Dienstauszeichnung 1. Klasse für 15 Jahre [Long Service Award 1st Class for 15 years], awarded to other ranks and NCOs
    • Definitely a Bulgarian medal, although I cannot identify it more precisely (sorry, this is not my area of expertise)

    The black "Für Verdienst und Treue" ["For merit and loyalty"] pinback cross is an unofficial decoration of a veterans' association.
    I cannot provide you with the exact designation, but its design is almost identical to that of the Preußisches Ehrenkreuz 1. Klasse [Prussian Cross of Honor 1st Class] aks Preußisches Ehren-Ritterkreuz 1914-1918 [Prussian Honor Knights' Cross for 1914-1918] that was awarded by the Vereinigung Preußischer Kriegsteilnehmer im Deutschen Kriegerbund 1914-1918 e.V. [Association of Prussian War Veterans in the German Veterans' Association 1914-1918, registered association]. The difference is the central roundel which on said cross bore an eagle surrounded by the words "Preußens Tapferen Kriegern" instead of "Für Verdienst und Treue". (See: Preußisches Ehren-Ritterkreuz für 1914-1918 )
    This is clearly a service/merit decoration from the same association.

    I cannot comment on the Stahlhelm badge variant.

    Hope this helps.

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